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Over the past week, 85 people became victims of online scammers in Crimea

Over the past week, 85 people became victims of online scammers in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, crimes against citizens continue to be registered remotely — through calls, the Internet, installing malicious applications and clicking on links.


47 citizens (including 26 pensioners) contacted the police. Residents of Simferopol, Evpatoria, Yalta and Alushta believed in the “Your relative got into an accident” scheme. An unknown person called them and said that a relative had been in an accident and urgently needed money. Citizens handed over the required amount of money to the couriers who came to them.

A local resident contacted the Simferopol police after becoming a victim of a scammer. An unknown person called the woman and said that the folder with documents, which the applicant had previously lost, was in his possession. Under the pretext of a reward, at the request of an unknown person, the woman sent him money. And later she realized that she had fallen for a scammer’s trick when she never received her documents.

A resident of Simferopol told the police that he needed cargo transportation. To do this, I found an artist through the website. Later, an unknown person called him and introduced himself as the driver. Under the pretext of providing a service, he took possession of the applicant’s finances. The man realized that he had been deceived by scammers when, upon arrival, the real driver reported that no money had been received into the company’s account for transportation.

20 of the specified number of CALLS were made through instant messengers, including using the logo of one of the leading banks in Crimea.

Fraudsters are increasingly using instant messengers in their deception schemes. They pose as employees of banks and law enforcement agencies and provide false information. Before acting on the instructions of the attackers, call the bank and make sure the information provided is true.noted the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Crimea.

A resident of Simferopol received a call in the Telegram messenger from an unknown person who introduced himself as a law enforcement officer and said that there had been a leak of personal information and now the unknown people were trying to get a loan for the applicant. Under the pretext of deleting the application, it is necessary to take out a counter loan and transfer funds to the specified account — then the application of the unknown persons will be cancelled. The woman did so, but later realized that they were scammers.

A resident of Feodosia filed a complaint with the police and reported that she received a call via WhatsApp messenger. The unknown person introduced himself as a bank employee and said that the woman’s account on the State Services portal had been hacked. Under the pretext of transferring funds to a safe account, an unknown person stole the applicant’s savings.

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24 citizens, of whom 7 were elderly, fell for the tricks of scammers who use social networks, instant messengers and Internet sites.

A resident of Yalta told police that an unknown person wrote to her on WhatsApp with an offer to earn additional income through trading investments in one of the energy companies. The woman sent money, but the connection with the subscriber was lost. Later, the applicant realized that she had fallen for a fraudulent scheme.

A resident of the Kirovsky district contacted the police with a report of fraud. The woman reported that her daughter wrote to her on one of the social networks asking for a money debt. In the message, the applicant provided her bank card details, from which the money was subsequently debited. Later, the woman found out that her daughter had not written to her, and her relative’s personal account had been hacked.

A resident of Simferopol told the police that an unknown person, using the Telegram messenger, fraudulently, under the pretext of delivering goods from China, took possession of the applicant’s funds.


14 citizens fell for the tricks of scammers — they followed links from an unknown source and installed malicious applications.

A resident of Yalta told police that an unknown person called him in the Telegram messenger and introduced himself as a bank employee. Under the pretext of protecting funds, through a malicious program, the attacker gained access to the bank’s online application and took possession of the man’s finances.

A resident of Yevpatoria contacted the police, saying that she had posted a publication about the sale of a coffee machine on an advertisement website. After which she was contacted by an unknown person who informed her of his intentions to purchase this product. To do this, the applicant was asked to follow a link and enter her bank card details so that the “buyer” could send money for the goods. After entering the data, funds were debited from the woman’s account.

The police once again reminds:

Don’t rush into decisions regarding your savings. Remember, the security of your financial assets depends only on you. If you have become a victim of scammers, immediately report it to the police by calling 102 or submit a written statement to any nearest police station.

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