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Plywood for engraving: material for the production of toys, souvenirs, accessories and decor

Plywood for engraving: material for the production of toys, souvenirs, accessories and decor

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Plywood is a sheet material that consists of thin layers of wood, usually birch or oak, glued together with glue. This material has good strength and resistance to bending, due to which it is widely used in construction and furniture production.

Plywood for engraving widely used in souvenirs for creating various artistic and decorative products using laser or CNC machines. This material is popular due to its relative availability, ease of processing and ability to give products a natural and warm look. Among the souvenir products that can be created from plywood are:

  • plates and signs with inscriptions or drawings.
  • Fridge magnets with different images.
  • backgammon, chess and other board games.
  • wooden keychains.
  • key holders and key holders.
  • decorative figures and figurines.
  • Photo frame.

Plywood allows crafters to create unique and personalized keepsakes, making it a popular choice in this area. Engraving on plywood also makes it possible to add individual design elements to souvenirs.

Plywood for engraving: material for the production of toys, souvenirs, accessories and decorative elements

  • from linden and birch trees: This is one of the most popular types of plywood for engraving. It is usually light in color and has a smooth surface, which allows for good engraving results.
  • plywood oak is harder and has a distinctive textured pattern, making it suitable for creating decorative items with a natural look.
  • plywood with high surface quality: Some specialized types of plywood may have a smoother, more uniform surface, allowing for more detailed and crisp engravings.
  • sometimes used coated plywoodsuch as laminated plywood, to give the product extra protection and shine.
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Criteria for choosing plywood for engraving

When choosing plywood for engraving, it is important to consider several criteria in order to get the best results. Here are some of the main parameters:

  • wood type: Different types of plywood can have different textures, colors and densities.
  • surface smoothness: the clarity and quality of the engraving depends on the “degree of smoothness”.
  • thickness plywood may vary. Thicker plywood may be more durable, but may also require a more powerful laser engraver.
  • density plywood may affect the quality of engraving. Higher density plywood can produce sharper, deeper engravings.
  • glue typeused to glue plywood layers together may affect the engraving process. It is worth choosing plywood with glue that is suitable for engraving and does not emit harmful fumes.
  • some plywood may have surface coatings, such as varnish or lamination. Coatings can improve the appearance and protection of the engraving.
  • different types of plywood = different prices.
  • Compatible with engraving method: For example, laser engraving requires certain types of plywood, while mechanical routing may require another.
In general, the choice of plywood depends on the specific requirements of the project and personal preferences. When choosing plywood for engraving, it is worth considering the desired appearance, texture and strength of the material, as well as the engraving methods that will be used (laser engraving or mechanical milling).

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