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Point of Growth Centers opened in Dzhankoy district

Point of Growth Centers opened in Dzhankoy district

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Under the Education national project, Point of Growth centers continue to open throughout the country at educational institutions in rural areas and small towns, which help children get acquainted with modern technologies and even try themselves in unusual professions. Now pupils of educational institutions of the Dzhankoy district will have the opportunity to be trained in special structural centers «Point of Growth», which were created as part of the regional project «Modern School».

The opening of the Education Centers took place in the municipal educational institution «Stolbovskaya school», the municipal educational institution of general and preschool education «Lugansk school-kindergarten», the municipal educational institution «Prostornenskaya school named after Ivan Yatsunenko», the MBOU «Chaykinskaya school-kindergarten», the MBOU «Roshchinskaya school-kindergarten» . The premises for the «Points of Growth» are decorated in a single style in accordance with a standard design project, equipped with standard and profile sets of modern equipment, consumables, training and education tools to achieve educational results in the subject areas «Physics», «Chemistry», «Biology». «. The material and technical base was updated by supplying educational institutions with printers, scanners, laptops, digital laboratories in subject areas. In equipped classrooms, school students will be able to conduct various research and practical work, study modern technologies, conduct experiments, and develop their other talents— noted in the press service Main Department for the implementation of national projects (regional project office).

The opportunity to attend classes in such centers will be available not only to students of those schools on the basis of which they are created, but also from nearby educational institutions within the framework of network interaction. The renovated premises will become a multifunctional educational space that will maximize the development, upbringing and education of children.

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Particular attention is paid to the education and training of teachers — opportunities have been created for advanced training in modern and relevant programs of additional professional education.

New multifunctional educational spaces expand the range of opportunities for schoolchildren to master academic subjects, as well as programs for additional education in the natural sciences and technology. In addition, these Centers help students develop and realize their creative abilities, create their own projects, media products and facilitate the choice of a future profession.

source: Main Department for the Implementation of National Projects (Regional Project Office)

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