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Poll: Crimeans are asked, “Are they satisfied with the way local authorities work?”

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In accordance with paragraph 3 of the Rules for assessing by the population the effectiveness of the activities of the heads of local governments, unitary enterprises and institutions operating at the regional and municipal levels, joint-stock companies, the controlling stake of which is owned by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation or in municipal ownership, providing services to the population of municipal formations, as well as the application of the results of this assessment (approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 17. 17.2012 No. 1317) when conducting surveys using IT technologies, in order to obtain reliable information, it is recommended that the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation identify respondents using the federal state information system «Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA)» in the infrastructure providing information technology interaction influence of information systems used to provide state and municipal services in electronic form.”

To participate in the survey, you need to enter your personal account on the Portal of State Services of the Russian Federation through the ESIA. If you are not registered with the ESIA, the process will only take a few minutes. To register, you must click the «Login» button, indicate your first and last name, and confirm the data by mobile phone number and e-mail.

In case of any difficulties, please use the attached instructions:

  • Instructions for registration in the ESIA (view | in the survey for users registered in the ESIA (view | download)

The survey is anonymous. User data is not available to survey organizers and does not appear in survey results. The results obtained are used in a generalized form. Each respondent can take part in the survey no more than twice a year.

The survey can be completed at the link: 2345

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