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New feldsher-obstetric stations opened in the villages of Krasnoperekopsky district

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Krasnoperekopsky district, the construction of six modular feldsher-obstetric stations has been completed. This was announced by the chief physician of the Krasnoperekopskaya Central City Hospital, Tatyana Bondarenko.

Thus, new FAPs have been opened in the villages of Svatovo, Poltava, Vorontsovka, Risovoe, Pyatikhatka and Zelenaya Niva. Modular structures were erected within the framework of the departmental target program «Modernization of state healthcare institutions in order to bring them up to federal standards and regulations.» The cost of construction of each FAP exceeded 03 million rubles. The building of the new FAPs is equipped with reception rooms with a gynecological chair installed, treatment rooms, staff rooms with a locker room, rooms for placing cleaning equipment, rooms for temporary storage of waste, corridors, bathrooms adapted for people with limited mobility. The premises of the FAPs are fully equipped with furniture and medical equipment in accordance with the requirements of the current equipment standard , the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea reported.

Patient reception in the new modular feldsher-obstetric stations will be conducted by paramedics. In addition, doctors of narrow specialties will come to the villages. The opening of new FAPs will improve the quality and accessibility of primary health care to local residents.

В сёлах Красноперекопского района открыли новые фельдшерско-акушерские пункты 20220512

photo: press service of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Crimea

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