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Preparations for the fire hazard period have been carried out in Sevastopol since the beginning of the year

CrimeaPRESS reports:

By the fire hazard period in Sevastopol landscaped 17 hectares of recreation areas and equipped 26 km forest roads designed to protect forests from fires. This was told by the head of Sevprirodnadzor Yulia Gavrilova. According to her, the specialists cleared and updated more than 400 km of mineralized firebreaks, and also equipped about 20 km of new lanes.

Preparations for the fire hazard period have been carried out in Sevastopol since the beginning of the year. Thus, round-the-clock work of the dispatching service is organized in the city — it daily and promptly collects and transmits information about the forest fire situation in the forests, about the progress of extinguishing forest fires. We also conduct an information campaign on an ongoing basis — this is prevention, which allows us to prevent violations of forest legislation , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes Yulia Gavrilova.

Since the beginning of the year, information stands have been installed in Sevastopol, specialists have conducted more than a thousand conversations with residents of the city about the rules of recreation in the forest, and have also distributed more 300 leaflets on this topic.

We also sent information to the owners of land plots bordering forests on what fire safety requirements should be met in such territories , — says the head of Sevprirodnadzor.

The fire and chemical station of the state institution «Directorate of Protected Areas and Forestry» is engaged in extinguishing fires in the city. To date, it includes 17 personnel and is equipped with everything necessary — these are 8 tankers, 17 pieces of equipment and 26 pieces of fire-fighting equipment.

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For safe recreation in the forests of Sevastopol, a list of permitted areas has been compiled. It includes the most popular places, such as Toropova dacha, the Alsu tract, Sapun Gora and others. The full list can be found at the link: You can also see on the map where camping is allowed and where cooking areas are available.

Recall that in order to prevent a fire in the forests, the following rules should be followed:

  • do not throw unextinguished cigarette butts and matches into the grass and garbage, do not allow children to play with fire, do not leave fires and other sources of open fire unattended; 300
  • do not allow uncontrolled burning of dry grass and debris in the yards of houses, in dachas; 300
  • keep matches and incendiary devices out of the reach of children, do not leave children unattended; 300
  • to ensure the cleaning of their land plots, as well as the territories adjacent to the forest, from dry grassy vegetation, branches and other combustible materials.

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