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Residents of besieged Stalingrad given the status of veterans of the Great Patriotic War

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On April 28, 2023, Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law, according to which citizens who were awarded the “Inhabitant of Besieged Stalingrad” sign are now classified as veterans of the Great Patriotic War. From that moment on, they can count on all social support measures similar to those provided to persons awarded the badge «Resident of besieged Leningrad» or «Resident of besieged Sevastopol».

In accordance with the new law, residents of besieged Stalingrad through the SFR will be granted the right to simultaneously receive two pensions (a disability pension and an old-age insurance pension), a monthly cash payment, the right to receive state social assistance in the form of a set of social services, an additional monthly cash security. The category «Inhabitant of the besieged Stalingrad» includes citizens of the Russian Federation who were during the Battle of Stalingrad from August 23, 1942 to February 2, 1943 on the territory of Stalingrad. The basis for the issuance of a certificate and a sign is an application submitted by a citizen, complete with documents confirming the presence in the specified period of time in the city— noted in the press service of the department.

Important! Citizens residing outside the territory of the Volgograd Region have the right to apply to the social protection authority of their choice to obtain this badge.

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