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Residents of Stepnoy Street in Kochergino (Bakhchisarai district) ask to repair the one that was dug up 4 years ago

Residents of Stepnoy Street in Kochergino (Bakhchisarai district) ask to repair the one that was dug up 4 years ago

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Residents of Stepnoy Street in Kochergino, Bakhchisaray district, contacted the President’s direct line with a request to help repair the road, which was dug up in 2019 during public works. People complain about the huge potholes and constant mud that have plagued the street ever since.

Stepnaya Street in the village of Bakhchisaray district has always been unpaved, but not always terrible. People passed through here calmly, and for children going to school there was even a pedestrian zone, marked with fences. In 2019, all this was dug up when laying gas networks, they didn’t really restore it, they promised further repairs, but that’s where it all ended.

Then they dug up clay from the depths, since then the earth has turned to lime, we have continuous holes. Your heart bleeds when you watch how children come out clean and tidy, and while they are walking to the next street to the school bus, they are drowning in dirt. To get out of here you need to maneuver between puddles and holes, and if there is also wind, then it’s just something inhumanesays local resident Olga.

So far, all appeals are buried in distant promises that are postponed every year. That’s why we turned to the President’s Direct Line. As part of the Popular Front project “Direct Line. Continuation” representatives of the presidential movement met with residents and together assessed the problems of the street.

The Popular Front appealed to local authorities and road services with a request to outline specific plans for repairing the street. And, to the extent possible, strengthen its content.

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source: press service of the Popular Front in Crimea

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