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There are problems with water supply in Sevastopol for the fourth day. Why

There are problems with water supply in Sevastopol for the fourth day. Why

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In his Telegram channel, Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev explained why the city has been sitting without water for three days.

I see that many do not fully understand why in Sevastopol water is now supplied according to a temporary schedule. Let me explain: due to the heavy rainfall that fell in January and the sharp warming, in just one day there was a critical saturation of low-lying areas and soils near rivers and hydraulic structures of ponds with water. In the forests, even small streams have turned into full-fledged small rivers. Groundwater, plus water along with melting wet snow flows through small rivers from the mountains; many have been dry for decades. These are, in fact, mudflows that carry cobblestones, branches, sand, clay, large debris and even trees at high speed into the Chernaya River, from where the water goes to water intakes. In such a situation, water cannot be supplied on a full scale to waterworks, otherwise they will fail, and then there will be no water in the city at all for a long time,” the governor voiced the scale of the incident.

He assured that specialists continue to carry out all necessary measures around the clock to ensure that the normal water supply is restored as quickly as possible. But for now, nature is making its own adjustments.

source: «Sevastopol newspaper»

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