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September 1 — the day of Andrei Stratilat, the day of Thekla the beetroot. Summer is gone, but summer is coming!

September 1 — the day of Andrei Stratilat, the day of Thekla the beetroot. Summer is gone, but summer is coming!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

September 1 birches turn yellow, hazels begin to drop leaves. Although it is worth noting that in Rus’ at that time there were sometimes quite warm weather, especially since Indian summer was ahead.

September 1 is associated with the first day of knowledge, when schoolchildren and students begin their studies after the holidays, while earlier this date marked the first day of the New Year, and then also the beginning of the beet harvest. That is why, it was often said that on September 1, Thekla the beetroot came.

In the church on September 1, the memory of the three martyrs of Gazsky — Agapius, Timothy and Thekla is venerated

September 1

As you know, in his youth, Timothy began to study the Holy Scriptures, and thanks to the gift of eloquence, he became a preacher. During the reign of Emperor Diocletian, mass persecutions were organized against the followers of the Christian faith, and Timothy was also caught. He was accused of crimes committed against pagan gods and subjected to numerous tortures. However, Timothy did not renounce his faith, did not admit his guilt, but, on the contrary, continued to preach and talk about love for God and people. After that, he was sentenced to be burned.

Thekla and Agapius suffered in the same city.

Both martyrs were also accused by the pagans of the falsity and incorrectness of what they preached, they did not want to obey and worship the pagan gods. In Rus’, September 1 was closely associated with the time when the beets ripened, and, according to signs, if the harvest was rich, then everyone rejoiced, because a large number of dishes could be prepared on the basis of beets, and besides, it was not only perfectly stored in barns , but also had a unique composition in terms of the amount of vitamins and minerals.

It is interesting that healers recommended applying beet leaves to inflamed eyes, and with a toothache, it was necessary to hold beet roots in the mouth. On the day of Andrey Stratilat-teplyak, various soups were prepared on the basis of this vegetable — mainly rich borscht, as well as botvinya. Along with sauerkraut, beets were also served with boiled potatoes. In Orthodoxy, September 1 is associated with the personality of Andrei Stratilates, who suffered for his faith in Christ.

On the day of Thekla the beet-worker, it was customary to complete all economic and commercial transactions. Peasants began to dry and crush flax, wet hemp. So-called sit-ins began, when women gathered in the evenings in huts (most often in widows’ houses), where they talked and did some work (for example, needlework).

For a long time, the tradition of putting boys on horseback when they are 4 years old has been preserved — this is how a child is taught to work and adult life. Folk omens for September 1 A south wind blows — there will be a good harvest of oats. If a person was born on September 1, then, according to signs, he will be very wise. As a talisman, he is recommended to wear talismans with agate and pomegranate.

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September 1 — Traditions and rituals

In ancient times, people were extremely pious, but at the same time they believed in customs and signs that were passed down from generation to generation. On September 1, it is customary in the Orthodox Church to honor the memory of Saints Simeon the Stylite and Andrew Stratilates. If a person was sick, then on this day he had to pray to Andrei Stratilat for his recovery.

“The day of Stratilates has ripened — the oats have ripened,” our ancestors said. Oats on this day were given a very great importance. On September 1, it was customary to bring a sheaf of oats into the house, always the first or last harvested that day. He was placed in a woman’s corner, a place next to the stove where kitchen utensils were stored. It was believed that oats in the house — to prosperity, as well as help in getting rid of evil spirits. And if a woman in her underwear lies on a compressed field, then this will give her strength. Oat ears were taken to the stable so that the goblin would not come and frighten the horses. The candle festival was celebrated by artisans, because from September 1, the day became noticeably shorter, and they had to work under artificial lighting.

Weather signs for September 1

  • A lot of signs related to the weather were collected by our ancestors. The upcoming weather can be predicted by the moon. If it is in the first quarter, then be warm. If in the second, then this is bad weather.
  • People believed: what the weather is on September 1, this will be the whole autumn.
  • If fog falls in the morning, then you need to wait for a snowy winter.
  • If it rains that day, it was considered a sure sign of abundance.
  • The wind blows from the south or the day turned out to be hot — expect a good harvest of oats.
  • If on this day people notice a wedge of cranes flying south, then winter will be early.

And on this day they celebrate:

  • autumn birthday
  • Knowledge Day
  • Feast of the Donskoy miraculous icon of the Mother of God
  • Today is the Day of Trade Union Action for Peace
  • Random Acts of Kindness Day — New Zealand
  • National Cherry Popover Day — USA
  • Today is Arbor Day — Peru
  • American Chess Day — USA
  • Disaster Prevention Day — Japan
  • Today is Independence Day – Uzbekistan
  • Republic Day — Kabardino-Balkaria
  • Journalist’s Day — Taiwan
  • Today is Flag Day — Honduras
  • Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day — USA
  • Revolution Day — Eritrea
  • Today is Wattle Day — Australia
  • Day of veterans of the struggle for the independence of Poland
  • Constitution Day — Slovakia
  • Today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day — USA
  • Name day for Andrei, Timothy, Nikolai, Agapia, Fyokla
  • Fyokla beetroot

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