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September 6 is the day of memory of the martyr Eutychius. The evil spirit is rampant!

September 6 is the day of memory of the martyr Eutychius. The evil spirit is rampant!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The day of September 6 was considered ominous by the people and in vain they tried not to leave the house. Our ancestors believed that evil spirits were activated on Eutychius. And through their servants — suicides and restless dead, who died from accidents and alcoholism — evil spirits lead a person into sin, and even destroy his body and soul. It was considered very bad luck to see red flowers, marsh, wandering and cemetery lights.

It was very bad to hear the forest echo. It was said that if it called someone, then he would die a terrible death.

Moreover, magical properties were attributed to the sunrise on this day. It was forbidden to look at him, so as not to incur misfortune.

The Church today honors the memory of the martyr Eutyches, who is known as one of the disciples of the holy Apostles Paul and John the Theologian. True, Eutyches himself was not among the 70 apostles close to Christ. Meanwhile, even in this case, he began to be called an apostle, since he played a significant role in the formation of the Christian faith in the places of his sermons. It is known that at first Eutyches became a disciple of John the Theologian and went with him on a journey to different countries to preach. Then he meets with the Apostle Paul and after that he travels with him. During his wanderings, he experienced a lot of torment from the pagans. So, Eutychius was thrown into a cage with wild animals, starved, burned the body with a red-hot iron. As the scripture says, during one of the tortures, the lion released from the cage to Eutychius suddenly spoke with a human voice, and many witnesses of this phenomenon then accepted faith in Christ. Unfortunately, Eutyches nevertheless died a martyr’s death.

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Notes of the day:

  • The sun is covered with black clouds — to the imminent cold weather.
  • There are a lot of lingonberries in the forest — you need to hurry up with the harvest.
  • The wind on September 6 promises misfortune.
  • Anyone who works hard on this day should wear linen clothes. This fabric has positive energy and allows you to quickly recuperate. But this clothing should not be colorful.
  • The same applies to people who will be among a large number of people today (at the market, at a meeting, in line, etc.).
  • Look out the window at dawn — to an untimely death.
  • To see a red flower is unfortunately.
  • To see a wandering light in the forest is in trouble. You can disappear into the forest thicket or get burned badly.
  • According to legend, the souls of suicides and people who did not die by their own death turned into red flowers and wandering lights — in a word, those who were not accepted into either heaven or hell.
  • If a sick person sees dead relatives on this day, then in a month he himself will die.
  • Cut yourself or get burned on September 6 — unfortunately.

Name days are celebrated today: Arseny, Kuzma, George, Peter, Maxim.

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