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Sevastopol now has the first foster family for an elderly person

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Sevastopol, there is a program to create a comfortable family environment for lonely elderly people and the disabled «Foster Family». This is part of the regional project «Older Generation» of the national project «Demography». Alexander and Natalya Yankov were the first to take an elderly person into the family. In January 2023, Alexander learned about the Foster Family for the Elderly and Disabled program and applied to the Sevastopol City Comprehensive Center for Social Services in order to take in an elderly person. Such a person was found, he became Gennady Grigorievich Tarasov, who in old age was left completely alone.

Our Gennady has no relatives, friends, and a disability has been established. When the Yankov family contacted us to organize a foster family, we provided assistance to make it easier for them to go through this difficult procedure. After all, this is not only the collection of documents, but also psychologically the family must be ready to accept an elderly person and provide care for him. Elderly people need special attention, love and care. The decision now made by Alexander and Natalia is very serious and responsible. At present, we visit this family once a week, assess the living conditions, and check the moral and psychological climate. We understand that now Gennady is in good hands, he is not alone— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the head of the department of social services at home for the elderly and disabled, Olga Matus.

Single women over the age of 55 and men over the age of 60, as well as disabled and incompetent persons over the age of 18 can become wards. The host for cohabitation must be a citizen no older than 70 years.

In Sevastopol, an agreement was signed with the first foster family. This is a very important, interesting and useful form of work for the elderly. First of all, it is an opportunity to live in a family and stay as long as possible in familiar conditions, live in a friendly atmosphere and be in the family circle. The host party receives a monthly remuneration in the amount of 7,500 rubles— said the director of the Sevastopol city complex center of social services Lyubov Yaskunova.

The monthly monetary reward has been increased to 7,500 rubles this year. Previously, the amount of such payment was 4,000 rubles per month.

Gennady has been living with us for six months. The whole life was arranged, he adapted very quickly. Relations quickly improved, our child enjoys playing with his grandfather. My motivation was the opportunity not to let a person get into a nursing home, where he will sit within four walls all his life, but to travel and spend time actively— Alexander Yankov notes.

Recall that for advice, you can contact the Sevastopol complex center of social services at st. Khrustaleva, 27, room. 14 or call 8 (0692) 55-09-06.

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