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Sevastopol residents set a record for appeals to the Regional Management Center

Sevastopol residents set a record for appeals to the Regional Management Center

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A record number of requests for the entire period of operation of the Regional Management Center — 5,642 — were left by residents of Sevastopol during the week from January 15 to 21 on social networks and on the “Government Services” platform. Let’s decide together.» It’s all about the difficult situation with water supply: due to the coincidence of many unfavorable weather factors, private houses were flooded, and the city had to turn off the water — it was supplied for several hours a day.

Users of social networks asked when water supply would be restored in their homes and whether water would be supplied to certain areas, and also asked what to do if their homes were damaged by bad weather.

There were also appeals on other topics. Thus, city residents wrote with a request to remove the artificial unevenness on Shchitovaya Street.

Someone made a speed bump out of asphalt, without identification marksusers shared.

Soon, employees of the Department of Transport reported that the bump was dismantled because it was installed illegally.

Concerned citizens also reported a landfill on Vakulenchuka Street, 5.

After collecting the leaves, the bags were never removed, and very “conscious” citizens decided that they could throw household garbage there too— said the residents of Sevastopol.

Goszhilnadzor informed that they had cleared the local area.

A similar message was received from citizens living on Perekopskaya Street. They asked for garbage to be removed near their homes. The issue was taken up by specialists from the Nakhimovsky district administration. According to them, the request was soon fulfilled.

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In addition, Sevastopol residents asked to restore street lighting, repair sewer manhole covers, and tidy up equipment in playgrounds. City services usually manage to resolve such issues in a minimum amount of time.

Let us remind you that appeals on the topic of landscaping, housing and communal services, and street lighting can be sent to the social networks of the municipal services department:

You can ask questions or write about a problem related to the field of transport and roads on the pages of the relevant department on social networks and in the official telegram channel using the links:

In addition, messages on any topic are accepted on the official pages of department heads, deputy governors, city mayor Mikhail Razvozhaev and the Government of Sevastopol on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Telegram, as well as on the Government Services platform. Let’s decide together” — the service can be used via a widget on VKontakte, an application or website.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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