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TASS: the new flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia may be the missile frigate «Admiral Makarov»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Missile frigate «Admiral Makarov» of the project 11356 can become the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet after the death of the cruiser «Moskva». This is reported by TASS, citing its own source. Note that there is no official information on this matter either from the command of the Black Sea Fleet or from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

After the death of the Moscow, one of the three frigates of the far sea zone of the project 11356 may become the new flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. So far, the choice has been made in favor of Admiral Makarov , the publication suggests.

«Admiral Makarov» is the third frigate of the marine zone of the project 11356 and is named after the Russian naval commander and scientist, Vice Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov. The transfer of the frigate to the Navy took place on 27 December 2017 of the year. Repeatedly was part of the permanent grouping of the Navy of the Russian Federation in the Mediterranean Sea.

This is a series of multi-purpose frigates (patrol ships) of the far sea zone, designed to destroy surface ships and ships, submarines and enemy ground targets, patrol, patrol, and protect sea lanes. The ships have a displacement of about 4 thousand tons, speed — 30 knots, navigation autonomy — days. The frigate is armed with Caliber-NK cruise missiles, the Shtil-1 self-defense missile system, A-31 caliber gun mount 100 mm, anti-aircraft artillery, a rocket launcher and torpedoes, and can also carry a carrier-based helicopter Ka- (or Ka-31).

However, this is not the only version. A new ship can also become the flagship. In the autumn 2021 of the year, on the sidelines of the IX International Maritime Business Forum, held in Sevastopol, a TASS source said that after the completion of construction at the Zaliv shipyard in Kerch, the newest landing helicopter-carrying ship of the project 23900 «Mitrofan Moskalenko» will become the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the corresponding infrastructure is already being prepared for its deployment in Sevastopol.

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