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Tax Service of Sevastopol: you can find out about the debt by e-mail or SMS

CrimeaPRESS reports:

A convenient service of the Federal Tax Service will help taxpayers find out about the resulting debt. By giving his consent to informing, the taxpayer will be able to receive information about tax debts in the form of SMS messages to the phone or E-mail letters to e-mail.

In order to receive such information, anyone can provide consent to such notification. The consent form was approved by order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia dated 06.07.2020 No. ED-7-8 / 423 @ (KND 116068). The document must indicate the TIN, full name of the individual, passport details, date and place of birth, as well as the phone number or email address where the mailing will be carried out , — reported the press service of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Sevastopol.

Consent can be submitted both on paper in person or through a representative, and by registered mail, as well as in electronic form via telecommunication channels or through the Internet service «Personal account of the taxpayer for individuals» . In this service, the consent is filled in electronically in the tab «Life situations» / «Other situations / consent (refusal) to inform about the presence of arrears and (or) debts for penalties, fines, interest.

Newsletter about tax arrears is carried out no more than once a quarter.

Let us clarify that you can also pay debts using the electronic services of the Federal Tax Service of Russia “Payment of taxes and duties” , “Personal account taxpayer for individuals» and «Single tax payment».

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