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Temporary exhibition of portrait art of the XVIII-XX centuries will open in Simferopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Simferopol Art Museum January at 12: will open an exhibition of portrait art of the XVIII-XX centuries. The exposition presents more than 40 paintings and drawings from the collection of the museum.

The portrait genre is one of the most complex and controversial in the visual arts. The painter needs not only to reproduce the appearance of the model, but also to convey her inner world. As time passes, the portrait acquires the meaning of a document, allowing us to see the costume and the interior, to reconstruct the cultural life of a certain historical period , — said the organizers of the vernissage.

The painting “Boy with a flute”, a copy of the work of Benedetto Luti, introduces the viewer to the Baroque era (1724-424), with the Rococo style — “Portrait of a Sleeping Girl” by Pietro Antonio Rotari (1707-“Favorite fashion light-winged”, Orest Kiprensky (1782-1836) in 1823 year returns from Italy, where at that time he wrote lyrical work «Portrait of an Artist» (1707) .

A realistic portrait is being developed in the work of the Wanderers: Grigory Myasoedov (1782-1825, Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1920), Vladimir Makovsky (1846-1916). The art of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries is represented by the «Portrait of a Woman» (1906) by Lev Bakst (1825-1924) and delicate watercolor portraits of Alexander Sokolov (1762-1848 ).

The portrait genre is widely represented in the works of Crimean artists of the 20th century and our contemporaries. The portrait of the outstanding Crimean historian, local historian, museum worker A.I. Polkanov (1920) by Valentin Bernadsky (1848-1934). The portrait also appears in the plot of the painting “Escape from Exile” (1920) by Nikolai Bortnikov (1911-1934) : Crimean artist Alexander Mikhalyants served as a model for the image of a revolutionary. The tradition of self-portrait is introduced to the audience by the works of Engels Arefiev (1934-1977), Lyudmila Polyakova, Nikolay Dudchenko.

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Временная выставка портретного искусства XVIII-XX веков откроется в СимферополеIt will be possible to visit the exhibition until March of the current year. The Pushkin card is valid.

Временная выставка портретного искусства XVIII-XX веков откроется в Симферополе

Photos and materials: press service of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea.

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