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The authorities of Sevastopol promise to increase the transport accessibility of the Zhidilov microdistrict

CrimeaPRESS reports:

During the last live broadcast with Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev on the STV channel, questions were voiced from the residents of Sevastopol through the Regional Management Center — through social networks and the platform “Gosuslugi. Let’s decide together.» One of them is the issue of transport accessibility of the Zhidilov microdistrict.

People wrote that on May 17 in the morning they waited for a minibus for an hour — at 8 to 9 o’clock, queues accumulated at the stops, local residents could not get to work on time.

During the broadcast, Mikhail Razvozhaev noted that this problem is not new — people have repeatedly applied and given instructions:

I’ll take control of this situation. It is unacceptable that the carriers who are responsible for these flights make a decision for some reason not to release buses at the appointed time. Yes, penalties are applied to them, but this does not make it easier for people. We need to address this issue more radically.

On behalf of Mikhail Razvozhaev and. O. Director of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Stanislav Tamataev and Head of the Department of Transport of the relevant department Alexei Kobyshev left this morning for the Zhidilov microdistrict to sort out the situation and control the operation of public transport.

We are a remote area of ​​the city, and we do not have a trolleybus service. We used to live in the Gorpischenko district, and I didn’t care much about the lack of a schedule, I knew that at the final one every 5-7 minutes a 7-k would be waiting for meand, — local residents noted at the meeting.

Among the requests of Sevastopol residents is not only to control compliance with the schedule, but also to increase the capacity of vehicles that go to route 112. According to Stanislav Tamataev, this is impossible, since due to technical characteristics, large buses will not be able to safely drive along the serpentine descent. An alternative option is to make changes to the way routes work.

We considered the issue of launching the movement of trolleybuses with autonomous running, but frankly, there are fears that this autonomous running will not extend such a distance, because if you start it again at the 5th km, then it turns out to be almost the entire Laboratory Highway, then along Morgunov — may not have enough charge.the head of the department emphasized.

As a result of the meeting, residents of the Zhidilov microdistrict were offered several options for improving the transport accessibility of the microdistrict. One of them is to change the route of route 26 to the 5th km of the Balaklava highway along the Laboratory highway and the General Morgunov highway. This will allow launching buses of medium and large capacity on the route and bypassing traffic jams on the road network. Another option is to change the route of route 112 through Laboratory highway and st. Gorpischenko, which will improve the class of vehicles, while increasing the number of buses on route 28 in order to reduce the interval of movement.

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In order to make changes, the activists of the microdistrict will collect the opinion of the majority of the residents of General Zhidilov Street and transfer it to the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure. The implementation of the changes, which will be approved by the Sevastopol residents, will take about a month, Stanislav Tamataev emphasized. At the same time, the department will continue to monitor compliance with the schedule of existing routes.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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