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The crew of the patrol ship of the Black Sea Fleet «Dmitry Rogachev» worked out the tactics of conducting a sea battle

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The crew of the patrol ship «Dmitry Rogachev» of the Black Sea Fleet, as part of combat training, completed a special course task K-2 in the Black Sea. As the press service of the Southern Military District clarifies, during the exercise, the sailors worked out the tactics of conducting a sea battle with a single ship with artillery firing at surface targets, in the role of which ship target shields were involved, as well as a model of a floating mine.

Also, the crew of the ship carried out practical grenade launching to practice actions to destroy underwater sabotage groups of a mock enemy while the ship was parked in an unprotected roadstead.

The exercise was held in accordance with the plan for combat training of the fleet forces in the naval training grounds in the Black Sea. The course task of K-2 is a set of measures for the crews to work out the tactics of conducting combat operations with a single ship, its preparation for use for its intended purpose.the message says.

It should be noted that the patrol ships of this project are designed to protect territorial waters, patrol the economic zone in open and closed seas, suppress smuggling and piracy, search for and provide assistance to victims of maritime disasters, environmental monitoring of the environment, in addition, for the protection of ships and vessels at sea crossings, as well as naval bases and water areas in order to warn of an attack by various enemy forces and means.

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