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The Government says: there are no plans to block YouTube in Russia

The Government says: there are no plans to block YouTube in Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Russian government reported that no decisions were made regarding the blocking of the American video hosting YouTube in Russia. Nevertheless, citizens must continue the active transition to domestic platforms, the State Duma is confident.

The Cabinet of Ministers reported that no decisions were made regarding blocking the American video hosting site YouTube in Russia. This was reported in the response of the Russian government to questions from State Duma deputies sent to the Cabinet report.

According to the document, the deputies clarified whether the government considers it necessary to disable YouTube in Russia, and whether such an issue is on the agenda.

As the government recalled, based on the decision of Roskomnadzor, enforcement measures are being taken against Google, which owns the YouTube video hosting service, to comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. In particular, this is a ban on the distribution of Google advertising and its information resources as an object of advertising. In addition, search engines inform Internet users about the company’s violation of Russian legislation.

At present, no decisions have been made to restrict access to YouTube video hosting. — the message says.

Now illegal content continues to spread on YouTube — at least the video hosting site has not yet removed more than 60 thousand illegal materials after the requirements of Roskomnadzor, recalled Anton Nemkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications.

The department is keeping this situation under control. However, I once again advise you not to wait for YouTube to fix itself, but to switch to our platforms. This is the easiest way to make a big contribution to improving your own safety. Outside the RuNet, we are not protected in any way and if any problems arise, we are forced to rely on the administration of the site, which may well ignore even a request to remove an outright destructive device. Domestic platforms strictly comply with the requirements of Russian legislation, thereby providing citizens with reliable protection of their rights on the Internet, the deputy emphasizes. — Now many citizens refuse to change their habits, even despite objective reasons for this — YouTube remains obviously popular in the Russian Federation, more than 33 million materials are published there every month in Russian alone. Moreover, parents pass on their habits to their children — and they are just used to watching content on YouTube and communicating on prohibited social networks. Unfortunately, the times when they were just starting to get acquainted with these sites are very different from what we see now. These platforms demonstrate an openly biased attitude towards the Russian audience and allow the spread of fakes and destructive content. And this is clearly not what a child should start with when getting acquainted with the Internet. In order to avoid such an experience for young citizens, our country is today actively developing its own platforms that implement the functionality of foreign ones and offer more “tricks” that are interesting specifically to the Russian audience. And millions of our citizens already understand this — the national video hosting Rutube, for example, has a monthly user coverage of already close to 50 million users. I would like to believe that in the foreseeable future, children’s audiences will come there more and more actively.

Despite the actions of the state and organizations, it is impossible to rid the entire information space of destructiveness and fakes — one way or another they will continue to spread, especially given the dubious moderation on foreign platforms.

An effective prevention against destructive content on the Internet can be the development of critical and systematic thinking. This is useful not only for the younger generation, but also for adults. In addition, do not forget about developing digital literacy skills — today, spending time on the Internet can indeed be very dangeroussays Anton Nemkin.

source: press service of the Russian State Duma deputy Anton Nemkin

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