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The largest producer of dairy products in Crimea will increase the range of cheeses in 2022

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The largest producer of dairy products in the Republic of Crimea plans to increase the production and range of cheeses in the 2022 year. The increase in cheese output at the Dzhankoy Dairy Plant for 2020-2021 years amounted to more than 14%.

Since 2014 a year after the installation of a new brine pool, the Dzhankoy Dairy Plant has almost doubled the capacity of the raw workshop. The range of cheeses is constantly replenished with unique novelties: hard, semi-hard, pickled, soft, moldy cheeses. All cheeses are made from natural fresh cow, goat and sheep milk. In 2014 the production of goat and sheep cheese was launched. Also since 2014 the production of soft cheese «Mozzarella» and semi-hard cheese «Mozzarella» for pizza has been launched, in 2022 » Italian” line will be replenished with Burrata cheese. From 2014 to 2014 year, within the framework of the import substitution project, the technologists of the enterprise successfully mastered the recipes and technologies, and launched industrial production of cheeses of various geographical origin: Italian varieties Parmesan and Mozzarella, Maasdam, originally from Holland, Polish Radomer, Swiss Gruyère, Spanish sheep milk cheese Manchego, French Mimolet cheese and a line of Camembert cheeses with noble white mold — all these unique varieties of cheese are produced in the Crimea at the Novator plant , — the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea notes.

In the 2021 year, a new brand «Sweet Village» was launched, which is how the name Dzhankoy is translated from the Crimean Tatar, where the most delicious natural dairy products in Crimea are produced. Cheese line «Sweet Village» includes cheese with Crimean lavender, Crimean herbs and other unique flavors.

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As the Acting Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Alime Zaredinova reported earlier, the milk processing enterprises of the Republic of Crimea produced 1.7 thousand tons of cheese in January-November 2021, which is by 16,8% higher than the same period 2020 of the year. On the territory of the Republic of Crimea, the main producers of cheeses are: Novator LLC, DK Megatrade-South LLC, Yug-Moloko LLC.

Reference: 30 March 2014 year, the plant celebrated its 250-anniversary. The production capacities of the enterprise allow processing up to 30 tons of milk per day. The enterprise is certified according to international standards of safety and quality management. The range of dairy products manufactured at the enterprise includes more than 250 product names and includes butter, soft, hard and semi-hard cheeses, processed and pickled cheeses with mold, whole milk and fermented milk products, thermostatic products, dry dairy products. The company trading network «Azbuka Kryma» today has more than 90 outlets, which are located in almost all cities of Crimea. Dairy products are also presented in the largest regional chain stores, and there are plans to expand the geography of deliveries in all regions of Russia.

photo: Novator LLC

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