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The literary and gastronomic project “BiblioCulinary” started in Sevastopol

The literary and gastronomic project “BiblioCulinary” started in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On January 24, the literary and gastronomic project “BiblioCulinary” started in Sevastopol. At the first lecture-meeting “Pushkin’s Culinary Guide” (held in the Tolstoy Library), guests were told whether the great Russian genius was a gourmet, what dishes he liked, recipes and interesting gastrofacts about the poet were shared.

According to the organizers, the literary and gastronomic project “BiblioCulinary” is designed for a year. During this time, 12 meetings will be held for the participants, during which they will introduce interesting facts from the life of Russian writers and poets, their culinary preferences, offer to study the topic of cooking in literary works, and teach them how to cook some dishes themselves.

What did Sashenka Pushkin’s beloved nanny Arina Rodionovna cook, did Antosha Chekhonte like crucian carp in sour cream, was the great Lev Nikolaevich a vegetarian, and Dostoevsky a sweet tooth? Project participants will learn about this and much more.says the announcement of the BiblioCooking project.

Detailed information about the project – Here.

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