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And the weather is getting worse. New flooding is possible in Sevastopol

And the weather is getting worse. New flooding is possible in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the next three days, precipitation is expected again in Sevastopol. Not strong, but… The recent collapse of the “big water” led to serious consequences — flooding of residential buildings, farmland, waterworks, and limited water supply to the entire city. Therefore, the Sevastopol rescue service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations are already working to prevent new flooding.

Due to the flood and rising groundwater, 83 household plots and 78 private households were flooded last week; Chernorechye and Sugarloaf suffered the most.

From the very beginning, city rescuers, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and public utilities provided targeted assistance to people. Local residents say that at night, when the “big water” came, rescuers carried old people, children, and property out of their houses. For a long time, specialists pumped water out of houses, cleared congestions on rivers caused by rising water levels, and cleaned drains from water intakes.said Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Now the water level in the Chernaya River has dropped, but rescuers continue to pump water out of basements and courtyards using motor pumps and fire truck pumps. Today, work was carried out in Chernorechye, Sugar Head and the Parovoz No. EL-2500 housing complex, where 1 household and 24 household plots were flooded. Residents were helped to dry their houses and heat and gas guns were installed.

Entrepreneurs joined this operation: for example, the Dobrostroy store donated two additional heat guns to rescuers for drying houses. Work continues.

In parallel with these works, monitoring of the Belbek and Kacha rivers is underway on the northern side of the city. Today a traffic jam was discovered near the bridge to Orlovka — it was promptly removed by clearing the riverbed,” Razvozhaev clarified.

In total, a group of forces and means of 125 people and 29 pieces of equipment are currently involved in eliminating the consequences.

Based on forecasts from weather forecasters, the Crimean Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations announced a storm warning in the republic for tomorrow. In Sevastopol, rain is forecast, but no storm warning has been issued. If weather conditions worsen, we, together with the Sevastopol Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, will definitely inform you about this,” summed up the governor of Sevastopol.

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