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The manager of the branch of the Social Fund in Sevastopol spoke about measures to support families

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Today Elena Gayvoronskaya, manager of the Social Fund branch for Sevastopol, answered live the popular questions of the city residents, which they ask on social networks. The appeals were collected by analysts of the Regional Control Center. The broadcast took place in the official group of the Government of Sevastopol in the VKontakte social network. From January 1, 2023, the Social Fund of Russia accepts applications for a single allowance for families with children and pregnant women.

The single allowance is a measure of state support for low-income families, that is, those whose average per capita income is less than the subsistence level per person in the region of residence. In Sevastopol, the average per capita living wage is 14,519 rubles. The payment is assigned to pregnant women who are registered before 12 weeks of pregnancy, and one of the parents (adoptive parents, guardians (custodians) of a child aged 0 to 17 years, — quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol Elena Gayvoronskaya.

To apply for a single allowance, children and parents must be citizens of the Russian Federation and permanently reside in Russia. When assigning a payment, a comprehensive assessment of the income and property of the family is applied, and the employment of parents or objective reasons for its absence is also taken into account.

During the conversation, users asked about how to deal with previously assigned benefits. Elena Gaivoronskaya spoke about all the subtleties in receiving social benefits.

Families continue to receive all the payments listed until the expiration of the period for which they were previously established, but if desired, parents can switch to a single allowance at any time. For example, the payment for the first child under the age of three — from 2023 it is included in the unified allowance and is issued according to the new rules. But if the child appeared in the family before 2023, then the parents can receive a payment under the previously existing conditions until the child reaches the age of three years— emphasizes the manager of the branch of the Social Fund for the city of Sevastopol.

Simultaneously with the unified allowance, families can receive other support measures:

  • payment from maternity capital for a child under the age of 3 years;
  • allowance for child care up to 1.5 years for working parents;
  • monthly allowance for the child of a military man serving on conscription;
  • regional payments (assigned by the Department of Labor and Social Protection).
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Elena Gayvoronskaya also answered questions from users about the waiting time for payments after submitting an application.

The application is considered within 10 working days from the date of its registration. In some cases, the maximum period can be up to 30 working days. The first payment is made within 5 working days after the decision on the appointment. Then the children’s payments come to the parents to the bank account on the same day of every third day of the new month, but, I draw your attention, for the previous month. That is, the payment for April will arrive in May, the payment for May — in June, the payment for June — in July, and so on.— Elena Gayvoronskaya notes.

Recall that live broadcasts in the group of the Government of Sevastopol in the social network «VKontakte» are held on a regular basis. On the eve of the next broadcast, everyone can leave their questions, wishes and suggestions under the announcement post.

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