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Residents of Sevastopol have a week left to choose spaces for improvement

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On May 31, voting on the choice of territories that will be landscaped next year will end. Shared intermediate results. O. Vice Governor Yevgeny Gorlov.

There are already clear leaders in voting for improvement objects, but the situation may still change. I call on Sevastopol residents to take part in the voting at the link or on the portal You can also make a choice in person — in the MFC, district administrations and on the streets of the city with the help of volunteers. You can recognize them by branded clothes «Volunteers of Sevastopol» and badges with the project’s QR code. Today you will vote for your square, and next year its improvement will begin— quotes the press service of the Government of Sevastopol Evgeny Gorlov.

Next year, within the framework of the regional project «Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment» of the national project «Housing and Urban Environment», initiated by President Vladimir Putin, it is planned to improve 10 public spaces in Sevastopol — one in each of the municipalities. The gap between the voting leaders is very small — everything can change, because there are still eight days left until the end of the voting.

The following territories are currently in the lead:

  • Leninsky municipal district — a square near the Central Market, st. Odessa, 3 — 1,860 votes. The second place in this area in terms of the number of votes is occupied by the green zone near the house number 212 on General Ostryakov Avenue, 1,505 people voted for it — the gap is very small;
  • Gagarinsky municipal district — a green zone between houses No. 26 and 32 on Oktyabrskaya Revolution Avenue — 2,784 votes. In second place is the space near house number 20 on Kazachya Street with 2,099 votes — this territory also has a chance to win;
  • Nakhimovsky municipal district — a green zone between houses No. 39 and 31a on Pobedy Avenue — 1,792 votes, followed by a square near the memorial to «Dead fellow villagers» in Lyubimovka — 1,635 people voted for it;
  • Balaklavsky municipal district — a square in the area of ​​u200bu200bhouse number 52 on the street. Krestovsky — 484 votes, in second place is the square near the house number 6 on Commissar Morozov Street — 368 votes;
  • Kachinsky municipal district — the territory in the area of ​​u200bu200bhouse number 10 on the street. Aviators in Kutch with 573 votes;
  • The city of Inkerman — the territory in the area of ​​u200bu200bhouse number 7 on the street. Shevkoplyas with 396 votes;
  • Orlinovsky municipal district — a square around the Zelenukha pond, st. Ivan Pakhomov, 1, p. Orlinoe — 365 votes;
  • Verkhnesadovsky municipal district — a green zone in the area of ​​u200bu200bhouse number 2 on the street. Anniversary, p. Front — 238 votes;
  • Andreevsky municipal district — a public territory in the area of ​​u200bu200bMayskaya street, 62 in the village. Andreevka — 175 votes;
  • Ternovsky municipal district — the territory in the village. Native, st. Central, between houses No. 31 and 35 — 113 votes.
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Recall that the improvement of the seven territories that Sevastopol residents chose last year has already begun.

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