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The newest small rocket ship «Cyclone», built in Kerch, is completing factory tests

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The newest small missile ship (RTO) «Cyclone» of the «Karakurt» project, built for the Black Sea Fleet at the B.E. Butoma in Kerch, completes the passage of factory sea trials (ZKhI).

During the ZKhI, the full-time crew of the Cyclone, together with the factory commissioning team, tested the ship’s life support systems, energy and survivability, autonomous operation of communications, ventilation and air conditioning, indicators of speed, maneuverability and stability of the ship.

In addition, radar and electronic weapons, as well as artillery and anti-aircraft weapons, were successfully tested on RTOs, for which live firing was carried out in the fleet’s sea range both in normal mode and at maximum angles of rotation and ascent along imitators of sea, coastal and air targets , — reports the press service of the Southern Military District.

These days, the ship is undergoing an audit of ship systems, devices and mechanisms, RTOs are being prepared for the final stage of state tests, which begin next week.

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