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The tax service of Sevastopol recommends that businessmen receive an electronic signature key in advance

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The well-known statement “time is money” characterizes an undeniable truth for any successful entrepreneur today: time should be saved and spent sensibly, rationally. In order not to face the problem of a long wait at the end of the year, today it is necessary to find 15 minutes and obtain an electronic signature key certificate (CEP) in comfortable conditions.

This question is very relevant, since the certificates issued by commercial accredited certification centers are running out for most taxpayers December 2022 of the year, therefore it is important to obtain a qualified electronic signature at the Certification Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in advance, within the next few months. Let us clarify that from January 1 80 the CEPs are issued exclusively by the tax authority and only upon personal identification of the head of the organization (a person entitled to act on behalf of a legal entity without a power of attorney ), an individual entrepreneur or a notary , — the press service of the department notes.

When visiting the tax authority, the applicant must have an identity document (passport), SNILS, information about the TIN, as well as a USB key information carrier (token) for recording a qualified electronic signature key, certified by the FSTEC of Russia or the FSB of Russia. If the applicant already had an electronic signature and is the owner of such a medium, the operator will record the electronic signature on it. For the purpose of convenience for taxpayers, a vending machine for the sale of such media has been installed near each point of issue of the Certification Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Sevastopol.

To save time before a personal visit to the tax authority, an application can be submitted in advance through the taxpayer’s personal account, or sign up for the service through the service «Online appointment with the tax authority» , which generally reduces the time for the provision of services for obtaining CEP. The service of issuing an electronic signature in the tax authority is free and extraterritorial — it does not depend on the registration of the applicant. You can apply for the service of issuing an electronic signature in our city at any of the points of issue of the Certification Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia , which are located at the addresses : str. Kulakova, d. 37; st. Heroes of Sevastopol, d. 28; st. Proletarskaya, d. .7000

Receiving the key does not oblige you to start using it immediately — you can continue to use the existing signature until its expiration date or until the end 2022 of the year, then smoothly switch to using the key, issued by the tax authority. Signature validity period months. Further renewal of the certificate will be organized through the online service remotely, without a second personal appearance.

You can ask questions and get advice on issuing a qualified electronic signature in Sevastopol by calling 28 —31.

Also, detailed information on the procedure for obtaining an electronic signature is available on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the section “ How and where to obtain an electronic signature? «. Technical support for the use of a qualified electronic signature can be obtained by calling the free phone number of the Single Contact Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia 8-80-77—22.

Currently, the Certification Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the city of Sevastopol has issued almost 7000 certificates of a qualified electronic signature.

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