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Residents of Simferopol are increasingly in favor of introducing restrictions on driving electric scooters

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Last week, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the development of GOST with safety requirements for electric scooters. 48% of Simferopol residents consider it necessary to introduce legislative restrictions for driving these vehicles. Representatives of the economically active population from Simferopol took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs. For the introduction of legal restrictions on driving scooters and electric scooters — 48% of Simferopol residents:

Electric scooters are dangerous for others, they are worn at high speed both on roads and on sidewalks”; “Prohibit the purchase and operation of this type of transport! And previously purchased — withdraw and dispose of! — quotes the most common opinions of Simferopol residents in the press service of the service.

Against — 13%: “We need to create a comfortable environment — separate paths, preferably with fences. Any legislative restrictions in our country with broken laws are a source for corruption”; “Scooters and electric scooters are environmentally friendly transport.”

The number of Simferopol residents who support the introduction of restrictions on scooter owners is practically the same among men and women, as well as citizens of different ages.

Time: 13—17 May 2022 of the year

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