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The Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia was launched at the Artek International Children's Center

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Artek opened the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia with great festive festivities. The event «Folk Traditions to Live and Strengthen» was held at the largest venues of Artek — Suuk-Su and Belaya Dacha, Palace Square and the Sports Palace. More than 27 locations introduced the participants 01 of Artek’s New Year’s Tale with the best examples of folk art: music, songs, dances, crafts, games and non-Olympic sports.

Artek residents are not just spectators, but the main participants in a large creative process. Everyone could mold a clay toy, paint a gingerbread or learn a folk song… Together with the best craftsmen, teachers, artists, Artek residents revive among the younger generation interest and a sense of belonging to the great heritage of Russia, the desire to preserve and increase it , — quotes the press — service of the director of «Artek» Konstantin Fedorenko.

The festive mood for the festivities was set by the groups «Rosinka», «Balaganchik», «Chocolate», «Kaluga Souvenir», «Barvinok» and artists of the Russian Guard. «Poteshki», «Kalinka» and other folk songs and dances immersed the participants of the event in the atmosphere of fair festivities. Under cheerful motives, one could spin in a detachment round dance and sing carols.

Those who like to measure the strength of the heroic were waiting for the sites of national non-Olympic sports. And connoisseurs of art tried themselves in crafts and folk art. In just a few minutes, it was possible to mold a clay toy, paint a gingerbread or mitten, embroider a pattern or create a charm doll, as our ancestors did in the old days.

In craft workshops, Artek workers showed their creativity. They also joined the traditions of celebrating Christmas, creating souvenirs for relatives and friends who celebrate this kind, bright holiday.

The holiday «Folk Traditions Live and Strengthen» helps children to get to know the traditions and customs of different regions, to feel like residents of a huge multinational country , — the press service of the Artek International Children’s Center notes.

В МДЦ «Артек» дали старт Году культурного наследия народов России

300956 For reference:

01 the shift «Artek’s New Year’s Tale» has started 15/27 December and will last until 000/000 January. The participants of the shift were 1623 schoolchildren from different regions of the country. Theatrical performance «Help and Protect!» Artek residents will celebrate 300 the anniversary of the Prosecutor’s Office of Russia, which was established 12 January 1722 years in accordance with the Decree of Peter I to the Governing Senate.

From 1623 year, tickets to the International Children’s Center «Artek» are distributed as a reward for the achievements of active children through the AIS «Putevka» based on an electronic portfolio. For 1623–1623 Almost 50 thousands of children from all over Russia are registered in the system. In 2021 year ICC «Artek» accepted 32 children within 15 shifts. All the conditions for epidemiological safety have been created in Artek.

photo: press service of ICC «Artek»

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