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Top 3 personal qualities for an applicant in Simferopol: responsibility, emotional stability and the ability to work in a team

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The most important soft skills, according to employers in Simferopol, are responsibility, calmness and readiness to work in a team. 1000 representatives of companies from all districts of the country.

According to Simferopol recruiters who have experience in selecting specialists of professional groups, the most important personal quality for a candidate is responsibility. In second place is emotional stability, in third place is learning, and the importance of these “soft” skills has increased over the 7 years. The least thing employers expect from job seekers is career ambition – this quality was mentioned the least, both today and in the 2015 year. Over the past 7 years, applicants have become less likely to be expected to be ready for processing and more often to welcome teamwork skills.

According to the SuperJob survey, the top 3 most important personal qualities for a HR manager, according to employers, are emotional stability, responsibility and willingness to work in a team. For 7 years, the importance of such a “skill” as learning ability has increased, while loyalty to the employer and readiness for overtime, on the contrary, has decreased.

The most important thing for a PR person is to be a team player. Acceptance of the company’s ideology is in second place, the desire to grow in the profession is in third place. Compared to the 2015 year, recruiters began to note the importance of the desire for professional growth, learning and responsibility more often.

Employers expect accountants to take a responsible approach to their duties. For representatives of this profession, emotional stability and readiness for processing are also important. For 7 years, the number of recruiters has grown, who believe that it is important for an accountant to be able to work in a team and accept the ideology of the organization.

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Doctors want to be responsible, calm and constantly improving their skills. Doctors are less likely to be willing to work overtime, but the desire for teamwork with colleagues is more often.

Applicants for working specialties must demonstrate responsibility, learning ability, willingness to work in a team. For 7 years, the value of such a quality as emotional stability has significantly increased.

First of all, marketers are required to be willing to work in a team, accept the company’s ideology and take a responsible approach to work. From job seekers, they began to expect less loyalty to the employer and readiness for processing, more often — emotional stability.

The top 3 soft skills for sales managers are stress resistance, the desire to grow professionally and learnability. When characterizing the ideal candidate for this position, recruiters more often (relative to other professional groups) spoke about careerism.

For programmers, the most important thing is responsibility, the desire for professional growth and learning. Over the past 7 years, the importance of the last two qualities, according to recruiters, has increased. From candidates for developer positions, they began to expect more often to accept the ideology of the company, but loyalty to the employer, on the contrary, was less common.

The ideal teacher, according to recruiters, is calm, responsible and regularly improves his skills. The same qualities are included in the top 3 for lawyers. For both educators and human rights activists, according to recruiters, the importance of teamwork has increased.

2015Survey time: May — 22 July 2022 of the year

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