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Within the framework of the all-Russian action «Share Your Knowledge» of the Russian Society «Knowledge» a memory lesson «80th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass» will be held

Within the framework of the all-Russian action «Share Your Knowledge» of the Russian Society «Knowledge» a memory lesson «80th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass» will be held

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On September 8-9, educational institutions in 89 regions of the Russian Federation will hold memory lessons “80th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass”. The events will take place within the framework of the action «Share your Knowledge» of the Russian society «Knowledge». The All-Russian public movement «Volunteers of Victory» will act as a partner of memory lessons.

The memory lesson “80th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass” will bring together historians, local historians, public figures and modern youth, who, more than ever, need to know the truth about the historical events of the past and remember the exploits of their ancestors. The speakers will talk about the Donbass strategic operation of 1943, during which the troops of the Soviet army completely liberated the Donets Basin and reached the Dnieper. Today, museums and archives keep the memory of these heroic events. But the organizers of the action are sure that it is much more important that the younger generation remember the glorious past. At the lessons dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Donbass, teenagers will get acquainted with the chronicle of the events of 1943, learn how the Donbass operation influenced the outcome of the Great Patriotic War, and most importantly, they will be able to ask their questions to experts and get directions for further independent search for information on this topic.

The all-Russian campaign “Share Your Knowledge” started as part of the educational marathon of the Russian Society “Knowledge” of the same name, which since September 1 covered the whole country. The project is being held for the fourth time. The program will cover all regions of the country and will last until September 30. The venues for the action will be schools, universities and other educational institutions. They will host educational lessons, master classes, seminars, meetings with scientists, public figures, successful entrepreneurs, experts from various fields of knowledge. The lecturers and the youth audience will focus on topics such as science, ecology, media, technology, art, volunteering and sports.

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The educational partner of the fourth Share Your Knowledge campaign was Edutoria, an educational platform from Sberbank. Among the partners are the projects of the platform “Russia is a country of opportunities” (“TopBLOG”, “Flagships of education”, “Another thing”, “Start the game”, the Elbrus Russian Leaders Club, the All-Russian student project “Your Hod”), supporters of the United of Russia”, Association of Volunteer Centers, ANO “Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives” (art cluster “Tavrida”), VOD “Volunteers of Victory”, Association for the Development of Financial Literacy, Russian Red Cross, Rostelecom.

Recall that you can still join the action «Share your Knowledge». Those who wish can provide a platform for an educational campaign or become a speaker. To do this, you need to register for website Russian society «Knowledge» until September 29, 2023.

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