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«You are not alone!» – in Sevastopol they help people who have undergone an amputation operation

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Sevastopol, a social project is being implemented for the comprehensive support of people with limb amputations from the early stages of rehabilitation “You are not alone!” with the support of the Government of Sevastopol.

The program was developed to provide citizens with comprehensive assistance in obtaining quality rehabilitation services from the first days after the operation. It consists of interrelated activities for the comprehensive support of people with amputations and their families in order to receive rehabilitation services. It is aimed at solving the most acute problems of citizens of the target audience: a severe psychological state, disorientation, limitation of motor and social activity, insufficient information about rights, lack of information about modern methods and technologies of prosthetics , the project specialists note.

Specialists and volunteers of the project, for people who have acquired an amputation and their relatives, organize individual support, which consists of visiting, providing information and explanatory materials, counseling, psychological support, legal support, preparation for prosthetics and other activities.

"Ты не один!" - в Севастополе помогают людям, прошедшим операцию по ампутации

The result of such interaction will be information security and legal literacy of citizens of the target audience, smoothing out the negative consequences of amputation, motivating a disabled person for rehabilitation, restoring motor functions lost due to amputation as soon as possible, maintaining and developing social ties, returning a person to a full life.


If you or your relatives are faced with this problem, need help or information, you can contact the Sevastopol regional branch of the All-Russian Public Organization of the Disabled «Support» by tel. 324940+7(978)-28—. Organization address: st. Pozharova 28.

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