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Arthur hurried? In Yalta, they decided where they would send the Soviet tiles dismantled from Sovetskaya Square …

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The overhaul of Sovetskaya Square in Yalta had just begun, the workers had just dismantled the old tiles, when an advertisement for its sale appeared on the Internet. The screen of such an announcement was shown on her page in VKontakte by the head of the administration of Yalta, Yanina Pavlenko. A certain Arthur offers exactly second-hand tiles from Sovetskaya Square at rubles apiece.

Артур поспешил? В Ялте решили, куда отправят демонтированную с площади Советской… советскую плитку

Fake, joke or scammers? Such is the ad for the sale of used tiles and borders with a photo of the dismantled old coating from Sovetskaya Square. We are trying to find the author, law enforcement officers are aware, the contractor was instructed to strengthen the security of the facility — there should not be strangers there! I urge people of Yalta to be vigilant. I repeat once again — tiles from Sovetskaya Square are not sold or disposed of. She will go to the needs of the villages and Alupka. Requests have already been sent to the territorial bodies, to whom and how much they need. Therefore, you should not contact a certain «Arthur» and even more so make an advance payment , — wrote Yanina Pavlenko.

In fairness, we note that the ad from the sales site has already been removed. Soviet tiles from Sovetskaya Square are not for sale.

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