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Coordination and methodological council of the Northwestern Federal District: knowledge is the image of the notary profession

Coordination and methodological council of the Northwestern Federal District: knowledge is the image of the notary profession

CrimeaPRESS reports:

It just seems that the event, which took place on October 27-28 in St. Petersburg, is purely professional and is of interest only to the notary community. The Coordination and Methodological Council is a place where notaries, one might say, compare notes: they develop a unified position on certain complex legal issues; form a single, without exaggeration, gold standard for performing notarial acts. Let’s continue to put it figuratively: from here it’s a stone’s throw to an appointment at a notary’s office, and, consequently, to the rights and interests of citizens and legal entities. And we’re not just talking about the North-West of the Russian Federation, because representatives from 22 regions of the country came to the CCM in St. Petersburg. Among them is the President of the Notary Chamber of the city of Sevastopol Olga Kalenkovich.

Coordination and methodological council of the Northwestern Federal District: knowledge is the image of the notary profession

Knowledge, as we know, inspires confidence. And confident actions are the best contribution to the image of a notary. So the coordination and methodological council — let’s debunk another stereotype — cannot be called an exclusively scientific and practical event. Perhaps this was one of the main thoughts of the heartfelt opening speech of the Honorary President of the Notary Chamber of St. Petersburg, Maria Ivanovna Sazonova.

Probably no one studies more than the notary corps. Of course, this is due to changes in legislation and the complexity of law enforcement. But healthy competition in the notary office is built precisely on knowledge and experience. And also on generosity and mercy! On the ability to understand and respond to requests from citizens, — noted the Honorary President of the Notary Chamber of St. Petersburg Maria Sazonova.

And the requests of citizens can be so different that a notary is simply obliged to be a multi-legal expert: an expert in the field of not only civil law, but also family, land and even financial law. Here, for example, is the topic of the report by the head of the notary department of St. Petersburg State University, member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Federal Notary Chamber, candidate of legal sciences Natalia Rasskazova: “Inheritance of financial instruments. Rights of spouses when inheriting securities, rights under forward contracts.”

In the case where the testator was an investor whose basket included a whole set of various types of relevant instruments (book-entry securities, property shares, futures, etc.), the notary must have the necessary knowledge to correctly formulate and describe the inheritance estate in the certificate of title for inheritance. Especially considering that investments today can be valued at hundreds of thousands of rubles, and tomorrow — in millions (or vice versa). That is why it is so important, firstly, to describe the property at the time of opening the case; secondly, enter into the certificate inheritable rights under the relevant agreements. Then there will be no confusion about what a person received as an inheritance. If at the time of opening the case it was a conditional hundred rubles, which a month later turned into a million, then the inheritance will be one hundred rubles; and in the corresponding agreement there is a replacement of the party: the testator is replaced by an heir whose fortune has grown to a million.

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The notary of the Lyubertsy notary district of the Moscow region, Oleg Rzyanin, spoke in detail about the issues of placement of information by notaries in public registers. Natalya Ilyina, a notary of the Stupino notarial district of the Moscow region, made reports on important issues in organizing notarial activities, including the organization and maintenance of a notarial archive. The head of the legal department of the Federal Notary Chamber, Sergei Egorov, commented on current issues of changes in legislation on notaries.

Changes to the law “On free legal assistance in the Russian Federation” were the focus of the speech by the President of the Notary Chamber of St. Petersburg, Maria Terekhova, and the President of the Notary Chamber of the Kaliningrad Region, Zhanna Remeslo.

The report of Associate Professor of the Samara National Research University named after A. Academician S.P. Korolev, Candidate of Legal Sciences Yuri Povarov “Problems of performing notarial acts in the corporate sphere (in the context of the development of judicial practice).” Every day in the work of a notary, questions arise related to the exercise by applicants of corporate rights and it is necessary to quickly and competently resolve all incoming questions.

It should be noted that the Chairman of the Coordination and Methodological Council of Notary Chambers of the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation, President of the Notary Chamber of the Kaliningrad Region Zhanna Remeslo also delivered welcoming remarks. And also the head of the department for control in the field of notaries and the legal profession of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Pavel Vashchenko.

And a few words about the genius of the place where the Coordination and Methodology Council took place. And this is not at all an advertisement for the hotel in whose conference room the event took place. We won’t say the name, but we will definitely note that back in 1781, according to the decree of Catherine II, it was in this building on the future Bolshoy Prospect of the Petrograd Side that a “small public” school was founded — one of the six first schools in the capital of the empire. Later, the Vvedenskaya Gymnasium will become the largest educational institution of its kind.

Alexander Blok studied in this building for seven years. Yuri Gagarin studied at the vocational school, which was located here later. You and I are, essentially, at school, — President of the Notary Chamber of St. Petersburg Maria Terekhova addressed the CCM participants. — And this place, like no other, is suitable for acquiring new knowledge in order to polish the existing ones and, of course, get into the spirit of the history of our wonderful city, our St. Petersburg.

The next Coordination and Methodology Council of Notary Chambers of the North-Western District of the Russian Federation will be held in Vologda, in March 2024.

source: Notary Chamber of St. Petersburg

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