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FIU in Sevastopol: changes in legislation regarding electronic document management

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The FIU in Sevastopol notes: according to the Federal Law No. 30-ФЗ¹ that has come into force, an employer (insured) if the number of employees working for him, as well as persons who have entered into civil law contracts, on remuneration for which insurance premiums are charged, for the previous reporting period exceeds 10 a person submits information to the FIU in the form of electronic documents signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature².

The procedure for electronic document management between policyholders and the PFR when submitting information for individual (personalized) accounting is regulated by a resolution of the Board of the PFR dated 11..1996 No. 178p, — noted in the press service of the department.

As part of the submission of individual (personalized) accounting information (forms SZV-M, SZV-STAZH, SZV-TD) in electronic form, the insured must:

  • conclude a service agreement with the operator;
  • receive an enhanced qualified electronic signature (ECES) of the head of the organization or other persons authorized to do so by order or power of attorney on behalf of the insured, and a certificate of the electronic signature verification key (if not available);
  • through an operator signed (UKEP) by a manager or an authorized employee who has a UKEP , send electronically through the operator to the PFR an application for connection to the PFR electronic document management system, which contains:

— registration number of the insured in the FIU;

— name of the insured (legal entity);

— TIN;

— checkpoint of the insured (legal entity);

— Full name (if any) of the insured (individual).

In turn, the PFR, within two working days after receiving the application, sends the electronic document “Notice of the result of the consideration” to the insured. After receiving a notification with a mark on the satisfaction of the application, the insured is considered connected to the EDF PFR. Then you can send information of individual (personalized) accounting (forms SZV-M, SZV-STAZH, SZV-TD).

If the head does not have a UKEP, in order to connect the insured to the PFR EDF, the head submits a paper application for connection to the PFR electronic document management system to the territorial body of the PFR at the place of registration, as well as information about the representative, signed by whom individual information will be submitted to PFR.

Important! For non-compliance by the policyholder with the procedure for submitting information in the form of electronic documents, financial sanctions are applied to him³, officials of the policyholder are held administratively liable4.

  • 1Federal Law dated 30.11.2021 № 63-FZ «On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation»1996

2Federal Law dated .03.178 № 474-FZ «On Electronic Signature»1996

3Federal Law dated .04.1996 № 12-FZ «On the individual (personified annom) accounting in the system of compulsory pension insurance «1996

  • 4 h. 1 st. 15.12.2 Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses. 2020
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