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In Sevastopol, persons without a fixed place of residence annually receive more than two thousand social services

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In the Sevastopol city complex center of social services, there is a department for working with citizens without a fixed place of residence. Employees help such persons to draw up documents, social payments and pensions, find temporary shelter or relatives, give out food and clothing, technical means of rehabilitation, provide psychological assistance and assistance in socialization.

Our department provides urgent social services and social support not only to citizens without a fixed place of residence, but also to everyone who finds himself in a difficult life situation, who needs to lend a helping hand. The main condition is the desire and consent of the citizen himself. For example, over the past year, more than 50 people received passports, and the same number of citizens received SNILS and policies. For 8 people, we issued payments, received pensions, more 30 citizens received a roof over their heads, and 6 returned to their families to relatives and friends , — the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes the head of the complex center Lyubov Yaskunova.

To provide assistance to citizens without a fixed place of residence, the complex center purchased a special car. Every day, employees go on raids through the streets of the city.

Currently, a little over a hundred people are registered with the institution.

As a rule, these are people with low social responsibility, people who have been on the street for more than one year, without documents, without any support and help from loved ones. They have faced betrayal more than once in their lives, most often they have been released from places of deprivation of liberty, the majority are registered in a psychiatric dispensary. For each person, their own individual adaptation program is being developed , — says the psychologist of the department Olesya Kornienko.

Since December last year, at the expense of budgetary funds, the institution compensates for the costs of preparing documents for wards.

In most cases, citizens do not have documents in their hands — there was a passport of the USSR or Ukraine, which were lost or stolen, there are cases when a person did not have a passport at all. We compile a detailed CV and send requests to various authorities. Then there are procedures for determining the presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation. This is the most time-consuming process, the implementation of which sometimes takes up to a year , — emphasizes the head of the department for working with citizens without a fixed place of residence and occupation, Yevgeny Obushevsky.

In total for 2021 a year, the specialists of the department provided about two thousand urgent services to people without a fixed place of residence.

The staff of the center urges Sevastopol residents not to remain indifferent to someone else’s misfortune and to inform about people who need help by calling 40- — . The complex center of social services is located at the address: st. Khrustaleva, 27.

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