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In Sevastopol, two wise ladies fell for a primitive «divorce» of online scammers

In Sevastopol, two wise ladies fell for a primitive «divorce» of online scammers

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Women were well aware of the «schemes» and calls of scammers from the «bank service», but …

In Sevastopol, under the pretext of “protecting a bank account from criminal encroachments,” telephone swindlers deceived two local residents, aged 40 and 44. Both victims knew about the existing fraudulent scheme, but succumbed to the tricks of the criminals and lost their savings.

The women received a call from unknown people, including using a popular messenger, who introduced themselves as bank employees and said that the attackers were trying to steal money from their current accounts. The scammers persuaded their victims to follow their instructions and transfer funds, a total of 85,000 rubles, to supposedly reserve accounts controlled by telephone scammers.— told the details in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Sevastopol police once again reminds:

Calls about alleged problems with money in bank accounts come only from remote scammers! Attackers to a certain extent know banking and law enforcement terminology, have some information about their potential victims, so they use all this to deceive bank customers and steal their savings.

If you are called by scammers with messages that you have any problems with your bank account, immediately end the conversation and report the incident to the police at 102.

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