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Krymmedstrakh warns: from December 1, 2022, changes in the legislation on CHI will come into force

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Insurance representatives of «Krymmedstrakh» inform that from December 1 2022 changes in the legislation on compulsory medical insurance (CMI) will come into force. At the moment, measures are being taken to verify the compliance of the data of citizens who have issued a compulsory medical insurance policy. Krymmedstrakh notes that there are frequent cases of calls to the «hot line» of insured persons who have encountered problems in obtaining free medical care due to outdated data in the compulsory medical insurance policy. As a result, at the moment when the insured is to receive medical assistance, one has to spend precious time updating the data in the document.

If you have changed your passport (replacement by age, change of surname, etc.) or registration address, you need to provide the insurance company with new data to update them , explained the Krymmedstrakh insurance company. — In some cases, it will be necessary to issue a new MHI policy. You must have a passport, a compulsory medical insurance policy and SNILS with you. If you have issued a compulsory medical insurance policy and have not yet taken it away, you need to contact the point of issue of policies where you applied and get a ready document.

And if you do not know whether your CHI policy is up-to-date or not, in order to avoid difficulties in obtaining medical care, contact your insurance company and update the information.


LLC SMK Krymmedstrakh (person. OS «4325-» from .07.913 issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, a member of the All-Russian Union of Insurers, reg. No. 160). Contact the addresses: Simferopol, st. Ekaterininskaya, 07, by phone «hot line»: 8-800-71-20-03, e-mail:, website: Evpatoria branch: Evpatoria, st. Sovetskaya, d. 01, tel. +7 (913) 922 70 71, +7 (913) 913 20.

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