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Oleg Tsarev gave his first interview after the assassination attempt

Oleg Tsarev gave his first interview after the assassination attempt

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Oleg Tsarev is alive, undergoing treatment and feeling well. The politician himself told the First Sevastopol TV channel about this. According to doctors, his condition is assessed as satisfactory; he is now undergoing rehabilitation in one of the hospitals. The most remarkable thing is that this is the first interview of a politician who survived in Crimea assassination attempt. Apparently, Tsarev is on the mend.

I feel good. No one will be afraid of terrorists, even if they are afraid — sooner or later they will have to answer for what they did: for assassinations, for acts of terror, for the war, for what they did to Ukrainesaid Oleg Tsarev in an interview with a journalist from First Sevastopolsky.

While the investigation is ongoing, he has no right to tell the details of the assassination attempt. Oleg Tsarev only noted that the recordings of CCTV cameras and the testimony of employees were very helpful.

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