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PFR in Sevastopol: schedule of monthly social payments and benefits in June 2022

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Financing of credit institutions (banks) for the payment of monthly allowances to women registered in the early stages of pregnancy, as well as to single parents raising children from 8 to 17 years , will be produced on June 3rd. In addition, on June 3, monthly payments transferred to the Pension Fund from the social security authorities are financed, in particular:

  • monthly allowance for caring for a child under 1.5 years old;
  • monthly allowance for a child of a conscripted serviceman;
  • monthly allowance for a child for families of military and law enforcement officers;
  • monthly compensation to disabled people due to military trauma;
  • etc.

Post offices will pay out/deliver the above benefits in June 2022 of the year in accordance with the previously established schedule — from 1 to 25 number.

Financing of banks for a monthly payment from the funds of maternity family capital for children under 3 years old in June 2022 of the year will be made 25 numbers.

We pay special attention! The monthly payment to parents for children from 8 to 17 years for May for new appointments was paid by the Pension Fund EARLY in May. In accordance with federal law, since 2022 the monthly benefits are paid according to the 2022 schedule y for the current month in the next. Those. citizens will receive payment for June 2022 in July, for July — in August, etc. ., — reported in the press service of the PFR branch in Sevastopol. 2022


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