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Sevastopol residents are actively trying to make changes to the city General Plan

Sevastopol residents are actively trying to make changes to the city General Plan

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Over 800 proposals have already been submitted, will they be taken into account…

Public discussions on the draft new general plan for Sevastopol will last until February 2. Writes about this «Sevastopol newspaper». The time for viewing the open exhibition has been extended until 19:00. According to information from acting Deputy Governor of Sevastopol Maxim Zhukalov, as of the evening of January 27, 2,200 visitors were received, more than 800 proposals were received.

The official said that starting next week, the working group will analyze the proposals received, discuss, and make decisions on which proposals to accept and which not. After this, there will be a stage of coordination with federal authorities.

We will coordinate the territorial planning with the federal authorities through the federal state information system and will complete work on the draft general plan— said Maxim Zhukalov.

He also said that, basically, the questions and proposals received from individuals relate to clarifying information about the functional zones in which this or that land plot is located.

There are many requests from legal entities. There are issues that need to be agreed upon with the Ministry of Defense regarding the further development of the territories. This gets quite a response“, noted Zhukalov.

In turn, the governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev promised that “a conversation about this will take place as soon as all proposals have been collected«

Draft general plan of Sevastopol — link.

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