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The team of Crimea in kickboxing has 27 medals of the championship and the championship of Russia

CrimeaPRESS reports:

8 gold, 8 silver and 11 bronze medals were won by Crimean athletes at the Russian kickboxing championship and championship. The competition ended in Sochi. They were attended by 1200 fighters from 46 regions of the country. Competed according to the rules of the disciplines «light contact» and «point fighting».

As part of the national championship, where adult athletes competed for medals, the silver medal was won by Alexandra Belyaeva, who competed in «light» among athletes in the category up to 11 kg. Bronze medalists were Alexander Kravets (Point Fighting, +94 kg) and Valeria Grichanaya (Point Fighting, -11 kg). As a result of the championship, three athletes won two medals at once, performing in both sections. Yaroslav Prokopchuk got two «golds», Daria Sazhina — gold and silver medals, Kristina Tyrina — gold and bronze , the press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Crimea reported.

Andrey Andreyanov, Deniz Mutluay, Maxim Markin and Daria Gamova also won medals of the highest value in various sections. The silver medalists of the competition were Kristina Motruk, Vladimir Vitsikhovsky, Alexandra Osadchuk, Valeria Minaichenko, Maxim Zalertsev and Maxim Nosach. Leon Kulik, Shahin Mutluay, Andrey Podgaichenko, Alexander Kovalev, Vladimir Epifanov, Vladislav Shevchenko, Artur Kurbanov and Yaroslav Rychkov added bronze medals to their assets.

Andrey Andreyanov, Kristina Motruk and Vladimir Vitsikhovsky fulfilled the standards of the Master of Sports of Russia. Maxim Nosach became a candidate master.

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