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Yalta is in the top of popular travel destinations with pets in summer

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More and more hoteliers are beginning to favorably treat guests with pets. We are talking about traditional domestic animals — dogs and cats. Exotics are still not accepted. In this regard, the Russian service for booking hotels and apartments analyzed where pet owners most often prefer to go. According to the aggregator, the average cost of a night was 3920 rubles. The amount spent on accommodation is over thousand rubles. Most often, the period of stay in the hotel of tourists with animals was about 5 days.

It is worth noting that according to the results of a survey of hoteliers in the Telegram channel « Experts», many of them are cautious and prefer not to associate with such guests. Some hotel owners consider each such application individually: «It all depends on the upbringing of the owner.» Therefore, when checking in, a guest may be refused if he is not ready to follow the rules and monitor the pet so that he does not interfere with other vacationers and does not damage the property in the room , the press service of the service notes.

Some hoteliers are ready to accept such guests for an extra charge. Funds are used for additional cleaning and room cleaning. Owners of accommodation facilities who themselves have four-legged friends willingly accept visitors with animals.

Blue Bird Guest House Suzdal:

We are dog lovers and accept dogs. Yes, we clean more thoroughly, but there is more dirt from teenagers than from a dog. We do not take an additional payment if the guest is carrying no more than two pets. Suzdal is generally very dog-friendly, many restaurants accept dogs. It must be understood that those who often carry pets with them are, for the most part, neat and responsible. You need to know the characteristics of dogs. For example, adult dogs do not chew anything. That is, up to a year and a half, you can expect trouble, later not. You can discuss this with the guests, clarify if you are worried about the damage.

Most popular travel destinations with pets in summer*

(according to the number of applications and the percentage of bookings).

1. St. Petersburg —4580 RUB/4 nights*

2. Sochi — 4478 RUB/8 nights

3.Kazan — 3860 RUB/3 nights

4. Yalta — 4117 RUB/7 nights

5. Moscow — 4035 RUB/3 nights

6. Kaliningrad — 10 r. /5 nights

7. Rostov-on-Don — 2899 RUB/1 night

8. Volgograd — 2872 rub./2 nights

9. Nizhny Novgorod — 3429 RUB/3 nights

10. Voronezh — 2631 r. /1 night

*Data provided based on bookings of hotels and apartments on by tourists in summer in 10 year.

Average cost per night/average trip duration.

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