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Evpatoria for a few days turned into a «Sunny Island»

Evpatoria for a few days turned into a «Sunny Island»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For the sixth time Evpatoria hosts the festival of children’s and family films «Sunny Island». This is a bright, cheerful and bright holiday, which during its existence has become a popular and long-awaited event for children and adults.

The colorful opening of the festival took place in the theater. A.S. Pushkin, where children’s creative teams of the city and soloists of the Crimean State Philharmonic performed.

The participants of the event were welcomed by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Crimea Tatiana Manezhina, Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Galina Gerasimova, Mayor Emmilia Leonova and Head of Administration Elena Demidova.

As the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Crimea noted, the festival is a real event in the cinema art, a bright holiday for children and adults and a unique platform for talented youth to meet with the masters of cinema.

The pictures that have been in the program for 6 years of the festival always give that positive charge and always make you think about the most important thing — about love, respect, sincerity. This is really a real island of treasures and spiritual values.she emphasized.

In turn, Emmiliya Leonova said that for six years the festival has become a part of the cultural life not only of Yevpatoria, but of the entire Republic of Crimea. And Elena Demidova said that this event was loved by many, because it carries good.

Cinema educates, cinema helps to learn to empathize with others, cinema helps to unite all those who are not indifferent to this art form— said the head of the administration of Evpatoria.

This year, its president Dmitry Kharatyan could not come to the festival, as he is filming a new patriotic project “Ours”, which started on August 28 on the Rossiya TV channel, about the participants of the NWO, their families and residents of new territories. In this regard, he prepared a video message and wished the participants of the event good films, warm sea, sunny weather and good mood.

According to the tradition of the festival, all the works of professional Russian directors will be evaluated by the children’s jury and its curators. So, the coordinators of the jury of feature films were theater and film artists, directors and teachers of the Crimean Theater for Young Spectators Andrey and Anastasia Permyakov, and the young members of the jury of animated feature films will be assisted by the actress, teacher, director of the Center for Creative Development and Patriotic Education «School of Midshipmen» Marina Maiko with his son, director Ivan Kharatyan.

The right to open the festival was granted to the Honored Artist of Russia, film director, screenwriter Natalya Bondarchuk. Since its main leitmotif was the Year of the mentor and teacher, school and education, the bell rang for all those present, thus launching the «Sunny Island». After that, a demonstration of the musical family film «Salt, Beans, Mezzanine, or Parts of Happiness» directed by Evgenia Kul took place.

Evpatoria for a few days turned into a Evpatoria for a few days turned into a Evpatoria for a few days turned into a Evpatoria for a few days turned into a Evpatoria for a few days turned into a

Photos and materials: Department of Public Relations and Media of the Administration of the city of Evpatoria.

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