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88% of Crimeans feel the love of their other half

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Most Crimeans who are married or in a relationship feel loved, but most of those who constantly feel warm feelings from their other half are among doctors, educators, administrators and chief accountants. But analysts, programmers and system administrators more often than others do not find evidence of the sincerity of the feelings of the second half. Representatives of the economically active population who are married or in a relationship took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding high-paying jobs.

88% of Crimeans feel the love of their other half. “It’s in the little things: he lets me sleep on the weekend, he turns on the heated seat in the car for me in advance”; “We live in mutual respect and understanding,” the respondents share. Only 3% of respondents complain that they do not feel loved. With age, respondents are less likely to see signs of love from a partner: if among those surveyed from 25 to 34 years old, 85% feel loved, then among those over 45, 79%— noted in the press service of the service.

Studying the responses of representatives of common professional groups, SuperJob found that most of those who feel the love of their other half are among male doctors (88%), educators (84%), administrators (81% each among men and women). Those who are confident in the lack of love from a partner are most among analysts (24% each among both sexes), programmers (13% among men and 12% among women) and system administrators (14% among men). In general, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity feel loved more often: for example, among female marketers, 81% are confident in the love of the second half, among male marketers — 77%. Among economists, this ratio is 79 and 70%, respectively, among lawyers — 77 and 75%. Sellers can be considered an exception: men in this profession feel loved more often than their female colleagues (80% versus 78%, respectively). Doctors, regardless of gender, are more lucky in love than representatives of other popular professions, but male doctors are still a little more confident in the feelings of the second half than women (93 and 90%).

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Time: February 13-28, 2023

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