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Analogues of original spare parts will keep the price growth of OSAGO policies

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Auto insurance market experts are sure that the proposal of the Central Bank (CB) of the Russian Federation to allow insurers to calculate the cost of repairs under OSAGO at the prices of analogues of original spare parts will primarily benefit ordinary insurers. Zeroing the price of original foreign parts from manufacturers from «unfriendly» countries when calculating the cost of repairs will help to avoid an increase in the cost of «autocitizen» policies and provide repairs with high-quality analog auto parts. This is important in the face of rising prices for original foreign spare parts caused by the unstable ruble exchange rate and interruptions in their supplies against the backdrop of sanctions.

In the geopolitical and economic conditions in which we all find ourselves, it is extremely important for motorists injured in an accident that insurance companies have the opportunity to provide high-quality spare parts for the repair of their car under OSAGO. At the same time, all participants in the insurance market agree that the cost of OSAGO policies should remain within reasonable limits, that is, be affordable for most motorists.

Taking into account the difficult situation in the segment of compulsory “car citizen” due to the crisis in the auto parts market, the Bank of Russia, as a temporary measure , proposed to calculate the cost of repairs under OSAGO based on the prices of analogues of original spare parts, excluding parts from foreign brands -manufacturers, which are now de facto absent in the Russian Federation or their cost is too high. Today, when forming the average price of spare parts, reference books take into account the cost of both original and non-original parts, but this method has become irrelevant due to the departure of many foreign brands from the domestic market and the increase in the cost of spare parts due to the volatility of the currency market. The current methodology for calculating the average price of spare parts takes into account the cost of original spare parts and non-original ones, but only those that cost at least % of the price of the original manufacturer’s part. Accordingly, with a sharp increase in the cost of branded auto parts, this method of calculation does not allow taking into account many analogues that are produced in the domestic and Chinese markets. And in the current situation, when original spare parts are either unavailable or unreasonably expensive, it is important to rely on the prices of their counterparts, which are in no way inferior to the originals in quality, because they are produced at the same factories and according to the same quality standards. Also, the proposal of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will contribute to the further development of domestic manufacturers of auto parts, since otherwise the non-original parts produced by them cannot be used at all when repairing cars under OSAGO.

Why is this proposal of the regulator so relevant? Insurance companies are sometimes unable to fulfill their obligations for restoration repairs, since there are no new original spare parts, primarily for expensive and right-hand drive cars, on the market in the required quantity. In the mass segment, the situation is much calmer, there are still stocks of parts, even if the prices for individual brands are already catastrophically inflated. However, it is impossible to exclude a situation in which it will become much more difficult to bring to Russia spare parts of those brands that have left our country due to sanctions. These fears lead to price hikes for all new foreign spare parts, although if there is a desire, the problem can be easily solved: some of them are produced in Russia in the form of analogues. If the proposal of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation comes into force, the situation will no longer hurt the wallets of our citizens , — explains the coordinator of the Blue Buckets Society movement, a member of the public council of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, head of the working group of the ONF «Protection rights of motorists» Pyotr Shkumatov.

The CMTPL: Public Review project also emphasizes the importance of the initiative, which will simultaneously provide policyholders with the opportunity to receive sufficient payments for car repairs with new high-quality parts and will further curb the growth in the cost of CTP, the amount of which, among other factors, depends on the size of the average payment.

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Source: press service of the Information Project «OSAGO: public expertise»

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