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Animals from the Kherson zoo will spend the winter in the Crimean lion park «Taigan»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Animals from the zoo corner in Kherson, which are in danger, will be taken to the Crimea to the Taigan Lion Park. This was announced by the founder and director of the safari park Oleg Zubkov.

Our mission is related to the order of the Acting Governor of the Kherson region, Saldo Vladimir Vasilyevich, on the evacuation of animals from the zoo, which is located in Kherson on Potemkin Island, to the Taigan Lion Park. The group of animals is small, but, nevertheless, they are in danger here , — said Zubkov.

He noted that Taigan has a material and technical base in order to ensure the transportation of animals and their maintenance in the park. This is a temporary measure, added Zubkov.

As soon as active hostilities pass and zoos are restored, of course, we are ready to return the animals to their enclosures , he stressed.

According to Zubkov, the park staff is ready to continue accepting animals from other areas.

We are ready to respond to any call from residents or administrations, where only professional help is needed, we, as zoologists, livestock specialists, who can provide assistance either on the spot or by evacuation, we are ready to do this , — added the director of «Taigan».

Today, the evacuated animals from the Kherson zoo came to the Crimea. All pets, including wolves, birds and llama, are safe and sound. After placing all the inhabitants, almost a month of quarantine awaits.

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