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April 10 — the day of St. Hilarion. Today, coltsfoot flowers still have magical powers.

CrimeaPRESS reports:

April in Russia, the date was so nicknamed: “Hillarion”, “Hillarion — turn the shafts out”, “ coltsfoot». According to popular beliefs, April sets in real heat, because the sledge run ends before next winter. Even if the snow had not yet disappeared by Illarion’s day, the people were not upset, because the last snow was measured out for a short time.

It is believed that coltsfoot flowers today have a special power. April is the last day of the year when the flowers of the coltsfoot dried from last year still have healing and magical powers. And tomorrow they will be just grass. But today they are giving away all the power they have.

Therefore, the signs for April say that today you need to use the healing properties of coltsfoot. For example, you can make tea that will both cure sick family members and strengthen the immunity of healthy ones so that they do not get colds all year.

And the mother-and-stepmother patronizes all children, especially orphans. If coltsfoot flowers are placed in a child’s room or used in work with children in kindergartens, hospitals, circles or in any activity, then children will feel healthier, happier, they will feel protected.

April: signs and beliefs

  • Rain — by the harvest year.
  • Hear the deaf and prolonged peals of thunder — to prolonged rains.
  • In the morning, fog and hoarfrost — to the harvest of fruits, vegetables and cereals.

If the magpies are sitting on the tops of the trees, it will soon get warmer.

  • Lapwings fly low and scream — to a dry summer.
    Name day at Lazarus, Stefan, Eustratius, Vasily , Nicholas, Ilya

    On this day the church honors the memory of St. Hilarion

    April ( March according to the old calendar style) in Orthodox churches the Day of Remembrance of St. Hilarion, who served as rector of the Pelikitsky monastery, is celebrated. He was named Hilarion the New to distinguish him from Hilarion of Dalmatia, who lived in the same period.

    From a young age, Hilarion revered the Lord and desired to lead a monastic life. Having become a monk, he shut himself up: he prayed to God, took a vow of silence, kept fasts, refrained from carnal passions, and did good deeds to those in need. For his beneficence and exemplary obedience among the rest of the monks, he was ordained a presbyter, and after that he was appointed hegumen (priest) of the Pelikite Monastery, located near the Dardanelles Strait.

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    The Lord rewarded Hilarion with wisdom and the gift to work miracles. A saint could heal a seriously ill person with a prayer, restore sight to a blind person, or expel demons from his body. He also became famous for calling rain when crops were lost due to drought, helped in filling the catch of fishing nets, drove insects and mice from the fields in famine years. During his life, Hilarion wrote works instructing Christians to lead a moral life.

    Once on Maundy Thursday, warriors broke into the monastery, led by the iconoclast Lachanodrakon. They shamelessly interrupted the ongoing service, staged a rout, and the monks who were in the monastery were subjected to terrible torture and humiliation. the monk was put in chains and sent to prison, where they were martyred. The remaining monks were abused: they were beaten, doused with tar and burned their faces with fire, some had their noses cut out. The monastery itself was set on fire.

    It is believed that Hilarion was among the monks taken to prison. The exact dates are unknown, but there are two versions of when Hilarion fell victim to the iconoclasts. Some argue that this happened under the emperor Leo the Armenian, a fighter against icon worshipers at the end of the 8th century. Others believe that the torment took place during the reign of Emperor Leo III the Isaurian, at the beginning of the 9th century.

    Also 10 April is celebrated…

    • Siblings Day
    • Banana Day
    • 10 April — Matchday’s Birthday
    • Safety Pin’s Birthday

    Mystery Dictionary Compilation Day

  • International Resistance Movement Day
  • Day of Courier and Postal Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
  • Memorial Day of St. Hilarion the New, Abbot of Pelikitsky
    • World Homeopathy Day
    • 10 April — Day of the liberation of Odessa from the fascist invaders — Ukraine
    • Day National Hug Your Dog Day — USA
    • Day Cinnamon Croissants (National Cinnamon Croissant Day) — USA
    • 10 April — Builder’s Day — Azerbaijan
    • Pink Day — Canada
    • Golfer`s Day — USA
    • 10 April — Day of Internal Troops — Tajikistan
    • Day of Farm Animals (National Farm Animals Day) — USA
    • Hilarion – Turn the shafts out
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