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April 30 — Zosim the Pchelnik. Walpurgis Night is…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The church now honors Saint Savvaty and Zosima. In the people they were considered the patrons of bees. On this day, the queen bee was placed in a hive so that the swarm would not scatter.

They said: “I take a bee, put it in a hive. It is not I who imprison you, but the horn-footed Moon, the white stars and the red Sun, imprison you. They imprison you and tame you».

By the way, our ancestors believed that a bee would never sting a kind person. There is a beautiful legend about these amazing insects:

  • When a man came for the first time for honey, he disturbed the bees, which flew away to complain to God. They told him that they absolutely did not know how to use the sting, but God allowed them to use the sting for protection. The next summer, the man again came to the bees, took the honeycombs, but this time the insects managed to stand up for themselves. However, they again went to God and asked to make people die from bites. To which God said that because of their malice, the bees themselves would die if they bit a person. Since then, this is exactly what has happened — a bee cannot live without a sting.

On April 30, the peasants carried the beehive to the apiary.

Notes of the day:

  • The swarm is swarming — Zosima-Savvaty is having fun.
  • The Merciful Savior saves every soul, but Zosima-Sabbatius saves the bee.
  • If the bees fly to the flower, then there will be a fruit from the color.
  • What kind of bread the bee went for, that one will be good for grain.
  • If the bees land on a cherry blossom, cherries will be born; if not, there will be no cherries.
  • There was little loss in bees (according to the exhibition of omshanika) — by the harvest of buckwheat, and vice versa, a lot of loss — buckwheat will not be born.
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Name days are celebrated today: Fedor, Adrian, Alexander, Ivan.

And from April 30 to May 1, one of the most significant pagan holidays, Walpurgis Night, is celebrated. This is a celebration of the beginning of a blossoming spring.

Also, the holiday is dedicated to the day of memory of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Walpurgis — Walburga of Heidenheim. She was born in 710 to King Richard of West Saxony. At the age of eleven, the girl moved to live in a monastery. Once the ship on which Walpurgis was was caught in a storm. The girl fell to her knees and began to pray frantically. Soon the wind died down and the sea calmed down. After this incident, Walpurgis began to be revered as the patroness of sailors.

AND! They say that on Walpurgis Night on Bald Mountain all evil spirits gather to carry out their various magical plans.

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