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August 6 — Day of Boris and Gleb. Wizards turn into fireballs and roam the fields

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The people believed that strong thunderstorms begin on August 6. Moreover, the bad weather also “spoiled” with lightning, which the peasants were very afraid of, and therefore tried not to go out into the field that day. In some provinces, it was believed that severe thunderstorms were the machinations of local village sorcerers. According to folklore, the most powerful sorcerers supposedly could turn into a fireball and travel around the field, destroying everything in their path. In the fire, the crops perished, and the peasants were waiting for another hungry year. Therefore, people have long prayed to the patron saints of this day to pacify the elements, asking for good and clear weather.

At the same time, on August 6, they began to actively collect and harvest berries. For example, bird cherry and currant ripened. These gifts of nature were used as medicines against colds and stomach diseases.

The church today honors the memory of Saints Boris and Gleb, who earlier, before baptism, bore the names Roman and David. They were born in the family of Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavovich and were killed by their blood brother Svyatopolk the Accursed after the death of their father, when there was an intense struggle for power. According to church tradition, Svyatopolk was prompted by the devil himself to such an act. Svyatopolk really wanted to rule Russia, and therefore, he planned to kill all the heirs. It is Boris and Gleb who are known as the first Russian saints who were canonized as martyrs. They are also known as protectors of Russia and heavenly helpers of princes.

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Signs of the day:

  • Work in the field — to the fire. There is even a proverb: do not take up bread for St. Boris.
  • Sticky, sticky grains in ears — harvesting should be postponed for a few more days until the grain ripens.
  • Rain in the morning — by a clear day.
  • Dew before noon — to a thunderstorm.
  • Flies buzz from early morning — to sunny weather.
  • Flies are not heard — to rain.
  • If the straw left from today’s harvest is used in construction, then such a house will not last long.
  • The south wind blew — to bad weather.
  • Chickens cling to the chicken — to prolonged rains.
  • It is believed that on this day the birds in the forest fall silent (“think «»).
  • The fluff flew from the aspen — aspen mushrooms ripened in the forest.
  • The one who was born in this day, he will grow up as an optimist who loves people.
  • If this date falls on the full moon, you cannot cut down the forest to build a house. Otherwise, scandals in the new house will become commonplace.

Name days are celebrated today by: Athanasius, Christina, Hilarion, Anatoly, Gleb, Ivan, David, Nikolai, Roman, Boris.

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