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CF «Gulfstream»: four-year-old Timofey has ASD — long-term rehabilitation can help him

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Someone dreams of a new car, a phone, a trip to the sea … And Tatyana dreams of hearing her son speak to her, clearly, distinctly, clearly, in sentences.

I have probably cried all the tears from this eternal misunderstanding. I tell my son, “Will you have an apple?”, but he is silent. Or, for example, shakes my hand and says one word, feeling that this is a random word, what it means, I don’t understand. How tired I am of this, if you only knew— Timofey’s mother Tatyana shares.

Four-year-old Timofey has ASD, which doctors diagnosed at the age of two and a half. Only a long-term rehabilitation with specialists can help the boy, where day after day he will be taught to communicate with other people.

Mom did her best to help her son. She quit the advertising agency when she found out his diagnosis, and began to spend all her free time with her son. Thanks to the perseverance of the mother, the son uttered the first words at the age of 4: cubes, ball, playground, walk, carousel …

Now Tim goes to kindergarten. But he doesn’t play with other kids. I think he really wants to make friends with the rest of the kids, but he doesn’t know how to do it. My husband left us with our son shortly after our son was diagnosed with ASD. With all the difficulties I have to cope alone— says Timofey’s mother Tatyana.

We ask you to lend a helping hand to Tatyana and her son Timothy, the boy will definitely speak. The specialists of the Children’s Inclusive Center «Together have fun walking» have extensive experience in working with children with severe diagnoses. An individually designed program for the child and almost daily activities will bear fruit. We believe in it.

Believe in us and Timothy. Thank you very much for your support! — Your Gulfstream Foundation.

Charitable Foundation "Gulfstream": four-year-old Timofey has ASD - long-term rehabilitation can help him

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